– Tertullianus – Adversus Praxeam. Against Praxeas this file has been downloaded from However, he is himself a liar from the beginning, John and whatever man he instigates in his own way; as, for instance, Praxeas. For he was the first to. It is fortunate, however, for the translator of the Adversus Praxean that his difficulty arises more from individual terms of theological import like substantia, than.

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His great learning, his obvious sincerity and his burning eloquence are to be set over against such excesses, as well as against the occasional coarseness which will break out in the writings of a Tertullian, a Jerome and an Augustine, who have in their unregenerate days become too familiar with uncleanness.

The Letters of St. This statement is taken in a wrong sense by every uneducated as well as every perversely disposed person, as if it predicated a diversity, in such a sense as to imply a separation among the Fatherand the Sonand the Spirit.

The Letter of Aristeas By H. De Fuga in Persecutione. Praxeas’ tares had been moreover sown, and had produced their fruit here also, while many were asleep in their simplicity of doctrine; but these tares actually seemed to have been plucked up, having been discovered and exposed by him whose agency God was pleased to employ.

Praxeas – Wikipedia

Much of his text will, in consequence, never be restored with absolute certainty. For, indeed, He would not be issuing a command if He were all the while doing the work Himself, while ordering it to be done by the second. Therefore Jesus will also be Christ who was ” anointed ” by the Father, and not the Father 1 For the metrical ending, see the note -on c. But these and other exaggerations, though they have deprived Tertullian of canonisation, in no way affect his importance as the earliest of the Latin Fathers.

But by reason of not having a son, since I am my own son, how can I be a father? Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrha brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven.


Against Praxeas

Therefore, if they have determined that the Father and adversuz Son must be regarded as one and the same, for the express purpose of vindicating the unity of Godthat unity of His is preserved intact; for He is one, and yet He has a Son, who is equally with Himself comprehended in the same Scriptures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now the Scripture is not in danger of requiring the aid of any one’s argument, lest it should seem to be self-contradictory. For we are not striving to go through przxean the passages of Scripture, since by calling in the testimony of the full majesty advetsus authority in individual passages, we find greater opportunity for attack in reviewing them.

This likewise has been treated by us.

He contradicts Scripture in urging the Christian to face persecution, in depreciating marriage, in making regulations for fasting, and other minor matters. Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download.

Adversus Praxean liber = : Tertullian’s treatise against Praxeas

But the rule that has been fixed for everything from the beginning, if valid in the earlier cases, gives directions also for the later, and of course also for the fewer.

But this speech of flesh and soul that is, of mannot an utterance of Word or Spirit that is, not of God was uttered for the purpose of showing that God could not suffer, who thus forsook the Son in “handing over” his human i sa. See Elucidation III in the online translation for some more details.

It is, however, one thing to have, and another thing to be.

For ibidem like ilico] of adversuss, cf. If as Father, let Praxeas teach us that Christ who had ” for so long a time ” lived with them, could ever John xiv. For as it was on our account and for our learning that these events are described in the Scripturesso for our sakes also were they done — even oursI sayupon whom the ends of the world have come.

For a barren woman to have a child against nature was no difficulty with God ; nor was it for a virgin to conceive.

For after the Bishop of Rome had acknowledged ;raxean prophetic gifts of MontanusPrisca, and Maximilla, and, in consequence of the acknowledgment, had bestowed his peace on the churches of Asia and Phrygia, heby importunately urging false accusations against the prophets themselves and their churches, and insisting on the authority of the praxeann predecessors in the see, compelled him to recall the pacific letter which he advetsus issued, as well as to desist from his purpose of acknowledging the said gifts.


Further I affirm that no sovranty belongs so to one in himself, is so individual, is so much monarchy, that it cannot also be administered through other paxean 2 in contact with it, whom it has itself looked out to perform services for itself.

John His disciples to ” the Father.

Tertullian : Adversus Praxean

And to whom did He make him like? The corruption spm for xpm is found elsewhere also. So absurd and misleading a statement would be unworthy of Godthat, when it was Himself to whom He was speaking, He speaks rather to another, and not to His very self.

No one shall see ” God “and live. For who is the Father? Rogabo enim, inquit, patrem et alium advocatum 5 mittet vobis, spiritum veritatis. If you are the Son of Godcommand that these stones be made bread. The Monarchians appeal, however, to some passages where monotheism is strongly insisted on, for example, Deut.

And even if the Lord did possibly speak with him face to face, yet it was not as man that he could behold His face, unless indeed it was in a glass, as it were, and by enigma. He who was 14 ” Word ” is not ” flesh ” in a real sense. So that, if He did all things by the SonHe must have stretched out the heavens by the Son praxwan, and so not have stretched them out alone, except in the sense in which He is alone and apart from all other gods.