Perhaps one of the most revered works of fiction in the twentieth-century, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a modern classic. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner [Alan Sillitoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The title story in this collection of short stories tells. THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER Alan Sillitoe Published in AS soon as I got to Borstal they made me a long-distance cross-country.

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You may add any other reports you think useful. Because what does his barmy hope mean? I suppose it took sililtoe a long time to get going on all this because I’ve had no time and peace sillitooe all my bandit life, and now my thoughts are coming pat and the only trouble is I often can’t stop, even when my brain feels as if it’s got cramp, frostbite and creeping paralysis all rolled into one and I have to give it a rest by slap-dashing down through the brambles of didtance sunken lane.

Books by Alan Sillitoe. Corn had grown high in the next field and would be cut down soon with scythes and mowers; but I never wanted to notice much while running in case it put me off my stroke, so by the haystack I decided lonelinrss leave it all behind and put on such a runne, in spite of nails in my guts, that before long I’d left both Gunthorpe and the birds a good way off; I wasn’t far now from going into that last mile and a half like a knife through margarine, but the quietness I suddenly trotted into between two pickets was like opening my eyes underwater and looking at the pebbles on a stream bottom, reminding me again of going back that morning to the house in which my old man had croaked, which is funny because I hadn’t thought about it at all since it happened and even then I didn’t brood much on it.

The girls’ conversation came to him through an intricate process of recollection.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

So, in writing his books, Alan Sillitoe thinks of a youth or adult audience, and his direct purpose is to entertain perhaps while his indirect purpose is to make enough money to keep writing. I have a very good feeling that I will refer sil,itoe to Smith and the first story on many a future training sistance.

But the most notable thing about this voice is how it sees itself as the creation of a runner’s consciousness, of “my barmy runner-brain”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Take that first sentence: Alternative cover please 3.


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – running blog book club

It’s about time to stop; though don’t think I’m not still running, because I am, one way or another. He was one of the working-class novelists who revitalized British fiction in the s. The work focuses on Smith, a poor Nottingham teenager from a dismal home in a working class area, who has bleak prospects in life and few interests beyond petty crime.

This article is about the short story. During the time period that Sillitoe wrote ” The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner ” loneoiness idea of the runner was changing dramatically.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe | : Books

While it might appear that Sillitoe is simply delineating a social and economic struggle between the classes in postwar England, the situation is much more complicated. We don’t distxnce about real diaries they are private but we know of fictitious diarists like Adrian Mole and Bridget Jones.

The governor at Borstal, proved me right; he didn’t respect my honesty at all; not that I expected him to, or tried to explain it to him, but if he’s supposed to be educated then he should have more or less twigged it. Or would you like to come in and see it? They’re training me up fine for the big sports day when all the pig-faced snotty-nosed dukes and ladies—who can’t add two and two together and would mess themselves like loonies if they didn’t have slavies to beck-and-call— come and make speeches to us about sports being just the thing to get us leading an honest life and keep our itching finger-ends off them shop locks and safe handles and hairgrips to open gas meters.

Raynor’s friend; he saw no point in spinning out trouble to its logical conclusion, which meant only more trouble.

Ill The pop-eyed potbellied governor said to a pop-eyed potbellied Member of Parliament who sat next to his pop-eyed potbellied whore of a wife that I was his only hope for getting the Borstal. And so this story’s like the race and once again I won’t bring off a winner to suit the governor; no, I’m being honest like he told me to, without him knowing what he means, though I don’t suppose he’ll ever come in with a story of his own, even if he reads this one of mine and knows who I’m talking about.

Raynor looked out of the classroom window, across the cobbled road and into the window of Harrison’s the draper’s shop. By the time I’m half-way through my morning course, when after a frost-bitten dawn I can see a phlegmy bit of sunlight hanging from the bare twigs of beech and sycamore, and when I’ve measured distancr half-way mark sistance the short-cut scrimmage down the steep bush- covered bank and into the sunken lane, when still there’s not a soul in sight and not a sound except the neighing of a piebald foal in a cottage stable that I can’t see, I get to thinking the deepest and daftest of all.


Characters like Sillitoe’s Smith were born into a working class culture that accepted and produced a criminal activity. One can only hope for a decent outcome.

He lived from hand to mouth, working cleverly at settees and sofas and chairs, caring about lonelliness one. By God I’ll stick this out like my dad stuck out his pain and kicked them doctors down the stairs: The eponymous first story is one of the best things I’ve ever read. But there is also a strong and angry rejection of system of class division.

Things have changed, life has changed, some of the ingredients listed below persist but though the England of this book and some of the characters is now a little dated and the style superseded. Urnner here, you could add police officers, social workers, prison officers, Smith’s family and friends – include people, as your task requires them. I had to marry her as soon as I got lony job be- cause I’d promised her I would, and she wasn’t the sort of person to let me forget it.

He was confused and shy, but nevertheless sat down to drink tea and cut a cake into four pieces.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner – Wikipedia

I can’t tell you much about what it was like there because I haven’t got the hang of describing buildings or saying how many crumby silllitoe and slatted windows make a room.

The one fact is that all of us are cunning, and because of this there’s no love lost between us. Those in power are merely selfish; those who keep them in power have betrayed their own kind. Dustance don’t know why I think distannce thoughts are better than any I’ve ever had, but I do, and I don’t care why.

His urge for revenge was checked, but was followed by a rage that nevertheless bit hard and forced him to action. And plenty of irony at the end.

The same story illustrates other things Sillitoe does repeatedly to keep the reader from being too involved.