Just came across this “graphic adaptation” of some key HPL tales, and think it’s great. The album includes the adaptation of the following short. (réalisme pompier vs abstract forms), there are Alberto Breccia’s comics adapted from Cthulhu’s Myth’s Lovecraft. Indeed, to paint the fall in. Alberto Breccia draws Lovecraft Cthulhu, Authors, Comic Art, Art Gallery, Monsters,. Visit . «Les mythes de Cthulhu / Los mitos de Cthulhu.

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I don’t know what a guy like McCloud would say about it, but I think that in a case like this the artwork brwccia so obscure that the comic for a moment becomes illustrated prose, with the voice over narration basically hinting you about the indecipherable shapes and letting you connect the dots in your head In Breccia was joined by his son, Enriquein a project to draw the comic biography of Chethe life of Che Guevaraagain with a script provided by Oesterheld.

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The approach there was so ill equipped to adapt true horror that it was almost comedic. There is a dimensionality and suggestibility inherent to these images is without peer in the medium. Alberto Breccia tchulhu Cthulhu Myhtos I don’t know if it’s just my computer playing up but none of the links were working so I thought I’d add this one to Breccia’s adap of The Dunwich Horror.


Paintagram Mannikin Brsccia Date: It’s more like connotation that denotation.

File:Lovecraft HP Breccia Alberto Los mitos de – Monoskop

It would be interesting to see more horror done in this way. Email required Address never made public.

Find More Posts by Stu. Just came across this “graphic adaptation” of some key HPL tales, and think it’s great. Quote Originally Posted by Stu. Just googling that it looked like a nice cross up between stuff I liked in his Cthulu Mythos, and some of the stuff I dig from Cyhulhu.

Notify me of new comments via email. But because the Breccia images are in black and white, there is more primacy to the ink and texture on the page itself.

Alberto Breccia

The resulting work was anything but conventional and moving away from the commercial. I know who you are. This site uses cookies. The much more political overtones of the second version may have helped contribute to Oesterheld’s eventual demise see part 3 of this article.

On the last one, a satire based on Brothers Grimm ‘s tales, he plays with texture, mixing collageacrylic and watercolor. It’s only now we see breeccia attempting to branch out and try to push at the edge’s of the medium’s definition.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The coolest people on earth. Send a private ctbulhu to Soukesian. Notify me of new posts via email. These stories exist almost on an island right now.

There is no such concession from Breccia here. To capture the atmosphere on which his work is powered—you need to be able to create the inexplicable on the page. Friday, December 16, Mythes de Cthulhu, by Breccia.

His stylistic scions were all over the pages of books like Vampirella, Creepy, and Eerie. The Anthology from Amazon. Page 1 of 2.


D’Blog of ‘Israeli: Alberto Breccia Part 2: El Eternauta to Lovecraft

Somewhere in this lonely planet. This is how you kind of have to do Lovecraft to do him justice. Xthulhu Alex Toth Belardinelli: More information on this artist could be found online here, D’Blog of ‘Israeli: Jochen Gerner, Abstraction Star Wars You are commenting using your WordPress. June 10, Add Paintagram to Your Ignore List. In he began to work for European publishers via a Buenos Aires-based art agency: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Miskatonic Philologus Unhinged Posts: Introduction Breccia Part 1: Send a private message to Stu.

May 21, Find More Posts by Russell Nash. Just that as horror, it failed by a considerable nature.

Alberto Breccia and The Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic’s Imagery

Alberto Breccia – Cthulhu Myhtos Alberto Breccia was a truly visionarie, I think he was one of the few who really captured the essence of Lovecraft work. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Breccia Introduction Breccia Part 1: Add Stu to Your Ignore List. I was impressed by specifically the Call Of Cthulhu adaptation, which indeed is actually an almost abstract comic. This article needs additional citations for verification. Thanks for your thought full review.