Based on the author’s experiences on the Western Front, Richard Aldington’s first novel, Death of a Hero, finally joins the ranks of Penguin. Death of a Hero has ratings and 40 reviews. Douglas said: This book initially came into my hands when I was fifteen years old, and found, by chance. Death of a Hero: Richard Aldington: best and best known novel, Death of a Hero (), to which All Men Are Enemies () was a sequel, reflected the.

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Moving Aldingfon … 1 year ago. The story such as it is may be quickly aldingtob, though I am deliberately not going to give away the ending of the book save to say that it foreshadows a novel of the second war by Sartre. The final section of the book can best be described by saying simply that the First World War intervenes and George goes off to fight in France. Intriguingly, Aldington’s book covers the latter stages of the war, when the Allied armies defeated those of Germany, which are absent from the better known books of Robert Graves and Edmund Blunden.

Death of a Hero Reader’s Guide

Sep 28, John rated it liked it Shelves: Due to attrition he becomes a lieutenant along the front lines. Various works of fiction including two additions to the immortal o and Lucia” stories. George decides to enlist. Lawrence was concerned, at least partly, with portraying the sexual aspects of human relationships, both actual and repressed.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Aldington would write other novels, most notably Rejected Guest inbut none would have the directness and freshness of Death of a Hero. A Musical Hrro 3 years ago. Death of a Hero is the story of a young English artist named George Winterbourne who enlists in the army at the beginning of World War I.

Lots of introspection and observation, so if you like action in your literature, this may not be the book for you. You can see this with the banality of the eeath in the final scenes-they are at best obstacles in ones path whether they are French or German is immaterial.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid 1 year ago. And many of them realised this. Aldington, a cofounder of the Imagist movement in poetry, served more than two years in the British Army during the war, rising to the rank of captain.

There is probably little in this novel that would be objectionable to a teenager today. This novel is about George Winterbourne who is drafted into the British Army during WWI, and as an infantryman, is sent to the Western Front, France, to fight and survive as best he can in the trenches.

A really oddly written war book but ultimately very moving.

Death of a Hero | work by Aldington |

Incidentally, the lack of sexual analysis did not save Death of a Hero from the attentions of the censor, and substantial cuts had to be made before publication.

Fewer and better babies. Aldington is not interested in this. Bitter, sarcastic, but also very humane and sincere. Though Aldington never stoops to judgmental passages, we are clearly meant to see Elizabeth as an unattractive character. While it was censored in Britain, it became very popular in the Soviet Union: I wanted to give this 5 stars but I found the story a bit plodding through the middle.


When a number of officers in George’s unit are killed, he is promoted. What aldlngton your own definition of manliness? There are clear auto-biographical elements here as Aldington was not only wounded physically during the war but also suffered for many years from bero after effects of shell shock; perhaps that is why it took him so long to write this book, which he openly admitted was based partly on his own experiences of a decade before.

This novel was banned on its publication in because of vulgar language, sexual dalliances and graphic descriptions of trench warfare.

For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. Despite the chronological order of these novels, however, there is a quality that sets Aldington apart from either Woolf, Lawrence or Forster. A Penguin A Week. His father, a middle-class man alsington England’s countryside, marries a poor woman who falsely believes she is marrying into a monied family.

He paints, he marries, he takes a mistress: