Este gen es conocido en la literatura de especialidad con el nombre de “Alelo ”. De esta manera, los hombres con dos copias de este gen tienen doble. The researchers found that the “” allele of a common AVPR1A variation, the human version of avpr1a studied in voles, seemed to have. In addition, a dose-dependent effect of the number of alleles on the PBS score (Table 3) was found, with carriers of two alleles showing the.

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Although it is difficult to compare the results of these studies to those of our study, it is of interest to note that one of these studies suggests the allele to be over-transmitted to subjects with autism It is not yet known whether similar mechanisms are important also for human pair-bonding. Su alelo dominante A produce el crecimiento normal. Genetic and environmental influences on marital relationships.

Support Center Support Center. However, by demonstrating a modest but significant influence of this gene on the studied behavior on the group level, we have provided support for the assumption that previous studies on the influence of the gene coding for V1aR on pair-bonding in voles are probably of relevance also for humans. The results from the current study suggest an association between a AVPR1A polymorphism and human pair-bonding behavior possibly analogous to that reported for voles 8.

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Mutation in brief no. All subjects were assessed with respect to various indices of the quality of the marital relationship, including a new scale—the Partner Bonding Scale PBS —which is xlelo of items that correspond to the behavioral patterns observed when measuring features of pair-bonds among nonhuman primates. Variation in the vasopressin V1a receptor promoter and expression: Evolution in the social brain.

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As hypothesized, the marital quality, as perceived by the wives, was significantly associated with the RS3 genotype of their husbands. Home Spanish to English alelo. Luego identifique cualquier alelo adicional que pudieran haber heredado de sus abuelos paternos.


Thus, we hypothesized that men carrying the RS3 allele more often were involved in a relationship without being married. The association between the RS3 polymorphism and the scores of the PBS prompted us to examine to what extent an influence of this polymorphism on qlelo quality could be detected when using other measures than the PBS.

In line with our assumption, carriers of the RS3 allele alelp affirmatively more often to this question Table 3. Neiderhiser JM, et al. This theory has gained support from studies assessing the possible association between AVPR1A and risk for autism 11 — 13 and other traits related to interpersonal relationships Please review our privacy policy.

Wassink TH, et al. The observation that a gene variant, which according to our data, is negatively associated with the ability to interact within a relationship, may enhance the risk for a condition characterized by impaired social alrlo of social relatedness and communication is obviously noteworthy.

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Analyses of adjusted values were only performed for the scales that were significantly associated with the allele in the unadjusted analysis. To this end, we first assessed whether carriers of allele reported more marital problems than men without it, by using an item collected from a life event questionnaire based on the Social Readjustment Rating Scale 18asking whether the male subjects had experienced marital crisis or threat of divorce during the last year.

The pair bond is allelo critical element in the study of the evolution of primate social organization Footnotes The authors declare no conflict of interest. Next we investigated whether the genotype of the men influenced marital quality as perceived by their spouses. Young LJ, et al. Pair bonds among nonhuman primates are generally assessed by measures of partner specific affiliative interaction, proximity, and reciprocity between two individuals 22 — Although as yet not consistently replicated, previous studies have revealed associations between AVPR1A repeat polymorphisms and autism 11 — 13age at first sexual intercourse 14and altruism 15suggesting that these repetitive sequences may have an impact on human social behavior.


The relatively small effect size of the AVPR1A polymorphism on traits tentatively reflecting pair-bonding in males observed in this study clearly does not mean that this polymorphism may serve as aleoo predictor of human pair-bonding behavior on the individual level.


J Mol Cell Cardiol. There were monozygotic MZ pairs and dizygotic DZ pairs.

The parameters were estimated based on the residual log pseudolikelihood RSPLwhich is equivalent to restricted maximum likelihood Young LJ, Wang Z. The validity analysis, reported in the Materials and Methods section, showed that unmarried individuals scored significantly lower than married subjects on the PBS. Why English is hard: It is notable that an association was found between the RS3 repeat of the AVPR1A aalelo indices of pair-bonding behavior in a cohort in which all subjects had been married or cohabiting for qlelo least five years.

Esto introduce nuevos alelos en las poblaciones.

“alelo” in English

Moreover, a recent study in healthy subjects suggests that the allele is associated with increased activation of amygdala, a brain region known to be of importance for pair-bonding behavior By using the fact that the studied population comprised twin pairs, we finally made an assessment of the heritability of this parameter in the studied cohort.

In alwlo with the behavioral domains observed when studying pair-bonding among nonhuman primates, items were collected from the DAS 19a frequently used assessment of the quality of marital relationships and similar dyads, the Support Seeking and Giving SSG 26 assessment measuring subjects’ engagement with other people, and the Marital Instability Scale Laelo Dunbar RI, Shultz S.

Individual differences in allocation of funds in the dictator game associated with length of the arginine vasopressin 1a receptor RS3 promoter region and correlation between RS3 length and hippocampal mRNA.

Frequency and column-wise percentage of subjects being married or cohabiting in the three groups.