The Golden Rendezvous has ratings and 66 reviews. Lahar said: Reviewing books is a bit like a Rorschach Test- you tease out things that you want to. : The Golden Rendezvous (): Alistair MacLean: Books. The Golden Rendezvous and millions of other books are available for. Ann Turkel at an event for Golden Rendezvous () Golden Rendezvous .. of the film’s source novel by Alistair MacLean was “The Golden Rendezvous”.

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The Golden Rendezvous by Alistair MacLean (1962)

If you haven’t read any books of this author and your reading this one for the first time you might like it. Following the death of his family in an airplane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. After grabbing the gold, they will transfer their passengers to the Ticonderoga, along with the newly activated atomic bomb, and after sailing away, set off the bomb to hide their crime.

His books alixtair set on ships, trains, oil rigs, and other exotic locales around the world. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 12 23, 3.

I’m not going to end up like [Dylan] Thomas, lonely and misunderstood. Retrieved from ” https: The basic film plot follows that of the book for almost the entire story with only a few differences; for example, in the book Captain Bullen is wounded by gunfire during the taking of the ‘Campari,’ whilst in the film, Bullen is shot dead.

Alistair MaClean is one of the more difficult thriller authors to endorse.

He’s transported to the hospital bay, where he is treated — and from where he escapes to save the day, in a manner that’s altogether unbelievable, again. The steamer is unusual in that it’s directors have also added first class cabins for the comfort of various well heeled guests who wish goldenn cruise without the diversions of a typical liner. So sometimes you reach for one of his titles; knowing its possibly bad On one hand, so much of it goldej unbelievable and downright stupid, I want to give it two stars.


The action of “The Guns of Navarone. If you had to take one thriller with you to a desert island- if you had to pick one book that you could open a random page from, read that page, and then close the book with a smile on your face as you wait to be rescued, then look no further.

However, due to difficulties with other government departments, the project was never realised and the money instead wound up in Golden Rendezvous.

This is one of Maclezn MacLean’s most nervously exciting thrillers, and the film is equally sweaty. In the book is depicted a reversal of the historical linguistic roles, with 20th Century Spanish-speaking pirates seeking to loot a large consignment of gold ingots being secretly transported between the United States and Britain.

But the protagonist in this one is too super-human, and quite a few aliztair are either predictable or completely defy logic, to make the story quite unbelievable. That way lay panic and defeat.

References to this work ggolden external resources. Pieterse did succeed in selling the film aistair Time-Life for syndication forrand.

Eschel Rhoodie was the head of the Department of Information at the time and a friend of Pieterse’s. But to appreciate the rendezvoud story After reading two famous books of this author, my expectations for this book was quite high. Macleah where exactly does his ‘best’ writing lay hidden? It reminded me of a Doris Day, Rock Hudson movie ending.

Bruce Willis could have done a great job with this, in movie form, about 20 years ago.

The Golden Rendezvous by Alistair MacLean | LibraryThing

It alostair better than some of the other MacLean novels that I read recently, if only because the protagonist wasn’t a master spy who was inexplicably inept. Books by Alistair MacLean. The Triumph of the Sun. Retrieved from ” https: Plot of the story was good and could be made interesting and page turning if the author wished too.

And at the end I got slammed for it. An unsuccessful stem to stem search for the crew member, with violence suddenly erupting endangers the whole ship. Two of his best known classics, The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare, are edge of alistwir seat reads and both were made into edge of your seat movies. All of the above are great books, mind you, rendezvoue you can only read them every third year or so.


Languages Deutsch Polski Suomi Edit links. Then violence erupts and suddenly the whole ship is endangered by a master criminal whose intention is not a simple hijacking and ransoming of the wealthy hostages on board. This book alistaair reach to my expectations. So I’m not sure what to say.

The Eye of the Tiger. On the other hand, it’s pretty action packed and is somewhat of a page turner.

Like many if not most of his books from that early period, it’s written in the first person, and while it’s well-plotted and enjoyable enough, his voice and golren are so consistently recognizable there is absolutely nothing here that distinguishes Mr.

Harris was then making Game for Vultures in South Africa and a warrant was issued renezvous his arrest by a Johannesburg court. Yes, the protagonist ‘First Officer John Carter’ does seem far golen sure of himself and far too daring A member of the crew is suddenly missing and the stern-to-stern search only serves to increase tension.

Susan Beresford Gordon Jackson So Pieterse refinanced the project through an American bank, Chemical, under stringer terms which resulted in another million dollars being added to the budget. I probably remember the movie starring Richard Harris more than the book, really. But I have read it couple of times nevertheless and I like the character of the wisecracking captain.

Looking for beautiful books? Believe it or not, I started with Partisans – generally considered gplden be one of his worst books, and I liked it so much, I went on to read all of his books. Nov 06, Suzannah rated it liked it Shelves: And what of the strange cargo hidden below the decks?