allama iqbal poetry, allama iqbal urdu english poetry, poem, shikwa, iblees, jawab (Bal-e-Jibril) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba. Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Taj Company. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Classification (IAP): 8UA2. Pages: Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): /ا۔ق۔ب. Classification (IAP): 8UA2 .

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Bal-e-Jibreel By Allama Iqbal

Muhammad Aleem Arif 14 January at Anonymous 10 December at From Oqbal, the free encyclopedia. Satan would try to make you ignorant but you just have to control your nafs towards bad things and avoid satan attacking you,he will try to take you towards bad things and would try to take you to hell.

Yazdaan a persian istiara for Allah is creator of both Jibreel and Satan. Anonymous 10 January at Anonymous 7 March at Anonymous 6 May at Really hard to control emotions Allah aap ko din doni rat chugni tarqi dey.

ALLAH hi bhtr janta h kon afzal or brha h. All deeds of a Man of God are the workings of his Spiritual-Passion! Abdul Hameed 14 February at Iqbal Urdu Blog 13 July at Anonymous 30 October at Asad Rehmanuddin 19 December at Anonymous 29 March at From my point of view the translation of above jjibreel should be as follows: Kya kehny janab AP ki aqal k His hopelessness is eternal. Iqbal Urdu Blog 20 August at In this poem iqbal describe Muslim rulers who were good for their people he talked about love with Allah and Ba.


Aaleen Shafaat 18 May at Spiritual-Passion is the Divine Flask! You are absolutely right.


The architecture is amazing and it felt so peaceful and pleasantly cool to visit it in the mid afternoon heat. As seem when iqbal wrote this poem he went to Muslim golden age. Satan is in a complex of being better, superior to the rest of creations as he demonstrated on the day one of Adam creation by allma to d infront of Adam. Anonymous 14 Jibrwel at Sarfraz 16 June at It is not searchable through any word combinations given in search textbox e.

You are right in saying that read even one line again and again and a every time a new dimensiona new meaning surfaces. Ashfaq Ahmad Chughtai 22 February at Iqbal has expressed a taunt of Iblees to Jibraeel that he Iblees causes a pinch in God’s heart aplama Jibraeel is only sitting and reciting God’s name tasbeeh.


Kindly check the search index of this poem.

It manifests in myriad forms of colourful irridescence! The wisdom of Allama is commendable and his thoughts irrefutable. Satan almia yeh hey keh us ki taqdeer mein he ‘malaoon’ hona likha tha.

Spiritual-Passion personified as God’s Messenger! An unrelenting flow that does not abate! Even present day Christians respect the mosque enough to say they are attending the Sunday Mass at the Mosque!

The spain is called as capital of European architecture due to buildings introduced by Muslim. He is your open enemy. Kr raha to phir usy saza q????