VT Amplifier. 00 ampeg. Page 2. VT Amplifier. VT Amplifier Specifications. Frequency Response (1 watt). +1 dB 20 to 20, Hertz. Sensitivity. manual. Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size image or download in PDF V-2 · Page 9 – VT & VT · Page 10 – G & G/G · Page 11 – V-6B. Download AMPEG VT40 service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Ampeg VT | Page 2 | Telecaster Guitar Forum

The amp is solid state rectified. I sort of like using the ext amp from the top one to the input jack of the lower one – which he said was ok too – seems to get a little more muddy that way.

Dec 3, Dang it’s loud and sounds cool. Home Forums Recent Posts. V-3 Amp schematic Ampeg. Oct 22, Home Library Schematics Ampeg Schematics. Since the external speaker jack is wired in parallel to the speaker output jack this would make for a total of 4 ohms. Apr 18, 2. I have a ? SwartyApr 19, One downside for me is the lack of natural distortion. His shop is in Edison, NJ. All Tube Combo – Power dlivre: If you pull the chassis you’ll see why. So, there is a little ohm selector switches on the back of the amp, one of those slider ones you adjust with a screwdriver.


JosephBDec 2, I saw David Bowie in the late 70’s with Earl Slick. V-4 Pre amp schematic Joe Piazza.

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Is there any owners manual online for this thing? All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

Apr 19, 6.

VT Power amp schematic Joe Piazza. New ampeg vt 40 owner I just traded a trace Elliott 4X12 speaker cabinet for a vt Yes, my password is: V-9 Pre amp schematic Joe Piazza. I have a V4, pre-master vol – basically the same amp but the head version. Just had the original one serviced by Dennis Kager from ampeg design fame.

This is sort of a ‘friendly project’ for me. Do you have the one with the controls on the top rear or on the front?

V-9 Pre amp schematic Ampeg. I for one year, and I use it in rpeter with my band, he did two concerts amme, impeccable Apr 20, 8. Dennis suggested using the ext amp jack to ext amp jack from one to another reiterating how I would get the best out of them that way.


The doctrine in question is this: Sep 25, A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. The tone stack is a baxandall type. V-9 Power amp schematic Ampeg. If I remember correctly the 6K11 is a preamp tube and it has a SS rectifier.

Then use the mid pot to cut or boost that frequency; and the bass and treble pots to round out the tone.

Not satisfied with those reviews? I really have no idea ampey I’m talking about, these are just things I’ve read, so if I’m off let me know. I see no labels on the speakers to indicate individual impedance, but surely they are 8 ohm, right? V-4B Power amp schematic Joe Piazza.