Amplificadores operacionales y circuitos integrados lineales. Front Cover. Robert F. Coughlin, Frederick F. Driscoll. Prentice-Hall Hispanoamericana, Get this from a library! Amplificadores operacionales y circuitos integrados lineales. [Robert F Coughlin; Frederick F Driscoll; Efrén Alatorre Miguel]. Circuitos integrados lineales y amplificadores operacionales / Robert F. Coughilin, Frederick F. Driscoll. Article with Robert F. Coughlin · Frederick F.

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Therefore, measuring the value of this electrical magnitude, we can determine with more o less accuracy the value of the aforementioned unknown capacitor. In order to assemble the circuit, the students will weld the components on a standard circuit board with drilled holes not on the typical and well—known protoboard. Coughlin, Robert F; Frederick F.


`np` activity: design, simulation and implementation of a capacitance

Automatic translations for instance, from Internet web pages will not be accepted. The date and time when a group will have to show the results of this NP activity will be interados by the professor well in advance. Design, on the paper, those basic circuital blocks that are necessary to fulfill the previous specifications of the capacitance-meter system. The course professors strongly encourage students to do the final report in English.

Solid state devices and applications – Frederick F. Driscoll, Robert F. Coughlin – Google Books

If the final report is written in Spanish or Catalan languages, grammar or spelling mistakes in the document will not be admitted. Used and consulted bibliographical references. The activity will be made in groups of, at the most, two students. Finally, the second one, the value presentation sub-block, shows the correct value of the unknown capacitor. In both alternatives, a second block, the presentation block consisting of both aplificadores quantification sub-block and a final value presentation sub-blockis also necessary.


In order to carry out the design, simulation and assembly of the capacitance meter, integrxdos is recommended to follow the following guide: It is important to define your measurement range; that is, the minimum and maximum values that your capacitor meter will be able to measure. The aforementioned capacitance-meter instrument will be formed by the following blocks see figure 3.

Among others, some bibliographical references that students can use in order amplificadires carry out the current activity are: In addition, in order to obtain this unknown value another alternative for the conversion block is possible: Final conclusions and commentaries.

It is recommendable to consult suitable references such as the bibliography recommended below, and to consider systems and electronic blocks studied in different courses of the degree Analog Electronic I and Integradks, Electronic Instrumentation, etc.

The presentation can be carried out by means of a numerical display set or by a classical needle instrument.

`np` activity: design, simulation and implementation of a capacitance

In any case, the value displayed in the display in its digital version or indicated by the needle of the instrument in an analog versionhas to show the correct value of the capacitance CX. It is important to define what circuital topology will be used in each one of the cells that will form the capacitance-meter blocks. Practice Problems for Exam 1.

If automatic translations are detected, f.cougglin English Qualification EQ of the report will be zero. Before physically making the assembly, decide what circuital blocks are going to be used and simulate them using the PSpice software. On the other hand, students are advised to follow these recommendations for a successful accomplishment of this activity: This report will have to include the simulations and experimental results and the answers to the questions requested in this document.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. In the simplest version of the capacitance meter, as we can appreciate in figure 3. However, Spanish or Catalan will be also allowed.


Analog Electronics — 2.

This block has to present the electrical magnitude that has relation with the unknown capacitance CX. SP Worksheet Lesson The final presentation of the activity will consist of the physical circuit plus a typewritten final technical report in electronic format.

In any case, for the final presentation of the activity the implemented circuit and the final reportall the students of the group will have to be present. Before beginning to work, read the document in detail in order to plan the tasks that must be done by the members of the group. It must have a professional aspect, and be rigorous, and with the characteristics of a company document and not of school work or SMS messages.

Complete listing of all the components used in the circuit. Circuiyos case of doubt or queries on the design or yy implementation, talk to your professor at visiting hours.

Simulation results obtained with the PSpice program, commenting them in detail. In order to carry out the operacionaales NP Non-Presential activity, the students of the course must fit to the following indications: Depending on the sophistication of the meter, it may simply display the capacitance or even it may also measure a number of other parameters such as leakage of a capacitor, equivalent series resistance, and parasite inductance. Students must pay special attention to the presentation and, of course, the content of the final report.

To achieve an AC signal at the terminal v1 t a sinusoidal, square, etc. Therefore, the students in the same group do not have to necessarily obtain the same qualification in the activity.