Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes. July 16 CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL LAW Page 1 of Lecture & Recitation Notes Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL LAW 1. June 17, Introduction to Criminal Law Q: What is. View Notes – Criminal-Law-Amurao-Notes from LAW at Jose Rizal University. CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty.

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CRIM2 Amurao Notes – For Distribution

He was found after several months. Malversation — even though he has been dismissed, he is still considered an accountable officer. What are the Kinds? If there is no! The latter sold the animals in the zoo. The accused went to Manila.

Can he avail of the benefits of Article ? What crime is committed by the police officer? What are a ra! Then father knocked, Chinaman ran and refused to talk with father.


Crime was committed outside PH Crime was not in relation ontes official functions Elements of concubinage: Those enumerated under the RPC serious, less serious and slight physical injuries.

What if after one wee6,!

What is the le al effect of 0W”? Grave Felonies — those that the law attaches the capital punishment or penalties that are afflictive based on Article 25 of the RPC 2.

CRIM2 Amurao Notes – For Distribution – PDF Free Download

What crime may the teller be liable for? What crime are the sanitation officers liable for? There were no attendant circumstances present. Is there a crime committed? YES, a prostitute is still entitled to the right of defense of honor and the knife was a reasonable means used. One stabbed another to death within view of president noynoy.

NO, because there is no marriage anymore between them; the JDN, once it is approved by the RTC and is final and executory, it will have an effect wherein as if no marriage existed between the defender and the one defended; therefore, what can be invoked is defense of a stranger. Criminal Law is binding on all persons who live or sojourn in the Philippine territory, regardless of race, nationality, political affiliation.


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Unjustified Article 14 Q: WhatLs with the lace? Second instance in Art 2?

What kind of provocation? He does not disclose what he sees to anyone. Does this include treasury or circular notes issued by a foreign bank be amurzo

Amurao Notes

He then destroyed the lock and took the valuables. Can co-exist with vindication for a grave offense?

Not in the performance of official duties Q: Robbery with homicide; not infanticide. Because Bagong Lipunan notes are not legal tender Q: He committed irregularities, for which he was dismissed.