“In Stitches” by Dr. Anthony Youn is an award-winning, best-selling memoir about medical school. Rated a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in medicine. In Stitches has been chosen as a Michigan Notable Book! Publisher’s Weekly: In his first book Youn looks back from the cushy perspective of the plastic . Scrubs meets David Sedaris in this hilarious fish-out-of- water memoir about a young Korean-American nerd turned renowned plastic surgeon. Tony Youn grew .

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Jul 24, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is truly a “Scrubs” type element when he writes about his internship and school years and it is amazing that anyone in this country ever becomes a doctor at all with all of the long hours uoun endure. May 23, Tim Chamberlain rated it really liked it. He makes you feel as if you are along for the ride.

I’m not sure if this is because the author is a good writer, but I’m really hyped for medical school. Anthony Youn grew up grew up in a tiny Michigan town, where his family were the only Koreans and stuck to traditions. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a fun ride. His sense of humor is evident throughout the stitcehs and he likes to poke fun at himself.

In Stitches

I am glad I read this book. Youn, happiness, sorrow, and rejection. I am in awe of these people. For anyone who has ever experienced the awkward teenage years or is ready for some escapist fun, In Stitches is one man’s heartfelt, candid, and laugh-out-loud funny, journey of finding his true calling in life–and learning to be comfortable in his own skin. Though I liked Youn, I found at times that he could be faintly misogynistic and sneering about women.

Reviews for In Stitches – Anthony Youn, MD, FACS

Unfortunately, Youn spends dozens of pages reminiscing over his sexual failures and inadequacies in the world of dating oyun women, and we are treated to multiple stories of the exploitsor lack thereofof Youn and his adolescent and college-aged friends.


The author’s father worked ferociously and became an obstetrician in the United States, insisting that his son also take up medicine. Slightly less relatable than other books about med schools because of his family dynamic. Perryauthor of The Real Life of a Surgeon.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. To view it, click here. In this book, I actually see a lot of myself in him. That exchange made my heart melt. Robert Marionauthor of Intern Blues. His portrayal of his childhood–as a nerdy, ethnically self-conscious boy trying to fit in while juggling his parents’ expectations–is both funny and touching. Are there any other medical books that make you laugh and cry? I love funny and heart-warming memoirs, and this one is one of, if not the best.

Periodically, I receive unsolicited requests by publishers and media agencies to review books here on Digital Doorway. He desperately wants to fit in which is hard when you’re practically the only Korean in a midwestern town. I will often lose this feeling of reverence toward these bodies, especially when I’m grinding through my notes, preparing for an exam.

A must-read for anyone who wants to become a doctor. Also, we never find out what his brother does instead of medicine, or what happened to the kid attacked by the raccoon.

Stitched took me four years to write, sell, and publish. But it was a long road to success, and In Stitches recounts Dr.

Youn is gifted in his writing style. This may have been because he was bitter about not getting any action, but the implications of his discussions about dating unattractive women in an effort to have sex just rubbed me the wrong way and made me feel a bit indisposed towards him.

When someone feels that strongly about something their enthusiasm shines through when they talk about it and it is contagious. I had no idea he was on so many television programs, but now that I know his name and looked at a few You Tube videos, I am going to start checking out this I have read several books about students and their path to becoming a doctor, but the one Anthony Youn wrote about his path is by far the best of the bunch.

A must read from a first time author!


In Stitches: A Memoir

As he takes us on a tour of what it was like for him in medical school, the story rapidly picked up flavor and my interest. There have been a few books that I’ve decided to not review after having read them since I don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings, and there are several that have been equally a pleasure to read and to write about.

Preview — In Stitches by Anthony Youn.

It was a good read, not a fav. In Stitches also provides a glimpse into the rather insane world of the med student and how they survive the grueling antnony fact that this book is also laugh-out-loud funny is just a great bonus.

This is not at all the book I expected to be written by a plastic surgeon. It’s a hilarious journey from nerdy outsider to celebrity plastic surgeon with interesting cultural perspectives sttitches author is Korean American and grew up in rural Michigan with a “Tiger Father”. The fact that he understands deformity leads him to connect with his patients on a personal level and makes him that much better a doctor.

No second opinion needed.

Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway: In Stitches: A Memoir by Anthony Youn, MD

And yet, some very emotionally charged experiences that are anything but funny. But the journey, as Youn describes it, is hilarious. Youn shares his reflections on the first surgery he attends and its unexpected outcome. Youn’s misfit adolescence and his four tumultuous years in medical school with striking wit, heart, and humility. Trivia About In Stitches. Now he has to deal with breasts? I am now demanding a sequel about his stories, both heartwarming and humorous in his next journey of being a plastic surgeon.

I learned some things about Med School, too. Tony starts out as a painfully shy and awkward nerd. Happiness wins the competition here.

As I read through my advance copy, I could feel my emotions changing with those of Dr.