Description, Voice Recording & Playback Device 16 Minute Duration. Company, Apuls Intergrated Circuits. Datasheet, Download APR datasheet. Quote. Apuls Intergrated APR datasheet, Voice Recording & Playback Device 16 Minute Duration (1-page), APR datasheet, APR pdf, APR APR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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An interrupt is generated http: Device status and silicon ID are described in the next two sections. These bits will not be stored in the array and must be considered don’t care bits.

The next four bits datasheeet the device code.

A max- imum of 30K bits of digital data can be stored. The Overflow flag is set overflow has not occurred.

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Some commands have limits on which command can follow them. The APR is ideal for use in cellular and cordless phones, telephone answering devices, personal digital assistants, personal voice ecorders,and voice pagers. Both blocks are optional. Up to 16 minutes of. You must not erase a sector before recording voice signals into it Each memory dattasheet can typically store voltage.


These specifications represent a stress rating only. A microphone amplifier and AGC are recommended.

Recording & Playback Voice IC

The APR is ideal for use in cellular and cordless phones, telephone answering devices, personal digital assistants, personal voice recorders, and voice pag- ers. Copy your datashwet code and put on your site: APR datasheet and specification datasheet. The last seven bits are random data and should be ignored Absolute Maximum Ratings Stresses greater than those listed in Table 4 may cause permanent damage to the eatasheet.

The default power up condition for the APR is to use the internal oscillator at sampling frequency of 6. These signals can simplify message management significantly depending on the message management scheme used. An incomplete read is defined as a read with less than clock cycles. Device status, Silicon ID and user stored data. The following five bits represent the product family. This flexible arrangement allows for the datasheeg variety of.

Device control is accomplished through an industry standard SPI interface that allows a microcontroller to manage message recording and playback.


Download datasheet Kb Share this page. The APR device code is binary as shown in Figure This flexible arrangement allows for the widest variety of messaging options.

APLUS Integrated achieves this high level of storage vatasheet lity by using a proprietary analog multi-level storage te chnol – logy i mplemented in an advanced non-volatile Flash memory process. This circuit decodes all the SPI signals and generates all the internal control signals.

Several vendors supply integrated speaker amplifiers that can be used datashwet this purpose. For more information see the section entitled Recording Audio Data.

Starts a record operation from the current sector address. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Erases all data contained in specified sector. This allows the APR voice to reproduce audio. Erase should not be done before recording voice signals into a sector.