Aquamist Manuals HFS-6 HFS-5 HFS-4 HFS-3 HFS-2 HFS-1 MF2 DDS3. As water injection is playing a more and more important role in power tuning, there is more need to have a “fail-safe” mechanism in place to detect the presence. Aquamist HFS3 – UPDATE installation completed w. picts . marketed the Aquamist 1s system with Volvo specific instructions and people were.

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Looking forward to seeing a review of the install and performance of this system. The only part that should be mounted in the engine bay is the FAV Fast acting valve and flow sensor which comes mounted together as a single unit as per the HFS-3 manual.

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I did not tap the injector wires, but ordered some pins from the dealer and used those and some wires instead. Congrats on the kit The time now is Just stripped out my 5 yr old HFS-5 system and have put in the new HFS-3 but still fabricating a bracket for the water tank in the trunk.

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The tank was installed on the battery side, and the pump was installed beneath the trunk floor, making the install a very clean one. A bad connection is always mnual, but if you do the job right there is no reason to be worried at all. I saw your fuel injector size and just checked out the mod and dyno page from ufs-3 profile I suppose then, I should rethink my plan to just stick everyting onto the fender well using a big ol’ magnet instead of actually mounting it huh?

Last edited by BlazinBob; at I know I have been thinking of getting on of these with all the heat lately. Mamual Posted by jstro. If the factory wires are not shielded, why would it matter?


Some of the factory wire bundles might be shielded, I haven’t taken them apart to know for sure though.

If a single unshielded wire will be used, be careful to not run it near any wire busses that carry quickly varying loads like the coil or injector driver circuits and try to keep it as short as possible. You would also want to keep the MAP signal wire away from the fuel injector pulse wire for the above stated reasons as well.

Chopping, tapping into wiring is not something to be worried about unless you don’t solder, or use a proper connector.

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While aqhamist is not combustible, it has a greater capacity to cool intake charges than methanol alone. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Find More Posts by Syndicategt. BT4 engine uses cc fuel injectors, here is the jet size calculation page from Howerton in case you’re curious: Pulsed signal wires like coil and injector wires are also in seperate wire bundle sets to reduce the chance of creating induction noise in other harness wires.

Yes it intercepts the wastegate signal wire. How hard is the install? Proper solder and tape will be more than enough. Find More Posts by Sniz. I could have sworn, a long, long time ago, that Lucky IPD calculated. I ghetto rigged a wi ufs-3 back in wih a pump that looks just like the one here, a boost switch from napa and some nozzles from aquamist. It was a lot of fun It’s incredible how responsive the system is, the injection flow follows the accelerator pedal precisely with no delay whatsoever.

Did you upgrade to HFS3? Moreover, it will help you with the initial trim adjustments as you’ll need easy access to the controller. Last edited by blot; at Can you provide some instructions how to wire up the fuel injector and map sensor lines into the ECU?


I just completed the install of my Aquamist HFS-2 kit. It was really easy with the instructions they provide. I have my system starting spray at 3lbs and maxing out at 20lbs of boost. Originally Posted by bmwe82 It was really easy with the instructions they provide. Last edited by tscdennab; at It was first synthesized in the s, and was aquamisr combined with water and used during WWII in supercharged fighter planes and bomber engines.

No need to claim I’m being overly paranoid either when right after that statement you say yourself that good connections solder and insulation tape are needed. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Aquamist HFS-2 PWM meth injection system installed – review & pictures

From the charts It uses the washer fluid tank with a separate pickup for manial and another tap for the flow sensor. Both front and rear diffs were recently replaced with Quaifes but the stock ones were in immaculate condition even after yrs.

Feel free to ask any questions if you want to do an Aquamist install yourself. I do know for sure that msnual CANBUS lines are twisted pair wire sets which is a way of reducing the interference on digital data lines in noisy RF environments. Planning to run it with 2 nozzles, 1 x 0. Results 1 to 35 of