The following species of Aquilaria trees can be found in Papua New Guinea: Aquilaria sinensis, Aquilaria subintegra, Aquilaria beccariana. Aquilaria subintegra. Kingdom: Plantae. taxon_id: Order: Myrtales. Genus : Aquilaria. Species: subintegra. Full name: Aquilaria subintegra. AuthorYear. Incubation with microbial culture supernatants improved essential oil yield from Aquilaria subintegra woodchips. The harvested woodchips.

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Then the wooden smell takes over.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

All about Agarwood oil chemical composition December 10, Unfortunately, the tree population is diminishing every. Type 1 has reddish o black bark. Distinguishing wild from cultivated agarwood Aquilaria spp.

This makes it even more difficult to keep these species alive. Aquilaria beccariana, Aquilaria apiculate, Aquilaria cumingiana, Aquilaria filarial, Aquilaria hirta, Aquilaria malaccensis, and Aquilaria microcarpa. Each fruit has two seeds. Various species can be found in different locations all over the world. The leaves are leather-like and have an elliptic shape.


Do you know all the different Species of Agarwood trees? The bark can be different shades of grey. There are many Agarwood plantations in Thailand that deal with artificial inoculation of different Aquilaria species.

The leaves are ovate oblong aqularia oval. Type 1 has reddish black bark and a large trunk. The scent produced by this wood is pleasing and spicy. The calyx is bell-shaped.

Most of the Agarwood species are currently protected in different countries. The aroma of the species that grow in this country is sweet and has some earthy undertones. The scent of burned Papuan agarwood is herbal and grassy. The tree is protected in Hong Kong. However, the most popular ones, such as Crassna, Filaria, Hirta, Malaccensis, and Sinensis are close to being extinct due to illegal harvesting.

All about Agarwood oil chemical composition. There are no any natural Agarwood forests found there. Aquilaria Malccensis is a tall tree that reaches 20 — 40 meters in height.

Do you know all the different Species of Agarwood trees?

Leaves are elliptic and lanceolate they subintsgra. This tree grows to a height of about 20 meters and is about 40 — 60 cm in diameter. Special plantations are established to recover the population of Agarwood trees for artificial inoculation.


Class 3 of Subintegra species has large leaves subinteyra parallel lines with fine fiber. It gives of a relaxing and tranquilizing scent.

Older bark is smooth and white to yellowish in color.

Type 1 has sbuintegra black bark and a big trunk. Type two has whitish grey to white bark. We will send you everything you should know about Agarwood. Thailand has many different Aquilaria species that still can be found in the old woods. It has a very unique scent and chemical composition. However, the smoke produced from burning the wood is not suitable for fumigation.