The ArcGIS Resource Center provides official tutorials for learning ArcGIS 10, are divided into three sections, are available free, the practice. Is available a manual for learning to use ArcGIS 10 (PDF), produced by Amy Hillier at the University of Pennsylvania, includes tips on making. This manual is intended for undergraduate and graduate students learning to use ArcGIS 10 in a classroom setting. It is meant to be a complement, rather than.

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[email protected] | Tufts GIS Tutorials & Tip Sheets ArcGIS x

Tutorial Matrix Not sure where to start? Tufts Data Lab Follow. India Tutorial 3 hrs This is an excellent overview for a novice user of the basics in ArcMap using international data.

Additionally, you will then create a map of non-human primate cases overlaid on top of primate habitat extents to see if you are able to make any observations.


This tutorial will cover adding data to ArcMap, symbologizing categorical and rutorial data, select by attribute query tools, and composing a final map in layout view.

Downloading, Joining and Mapping International Census Data — This tutorial covers accessing and downloading South African census data, cleaning the excel data and joining the data to feature classes. It also reviews attribute table tools, such as field calculator and statistics.

It also covers cleaning excel data, joining data, field calculator, and creating a nice final layout.

Data available Here This tutorial walks you though understanding your data layers and data frames spatial reference and selecting an appropriate projection for your data. Using the Selection Tools for Querying Viewing statistics and summarizing information by category for a data set Advanced tools: How the race for House unfolded! Interested thtorial remote sensing and its applications?

Check out Earth Imagery at Work – a free online course by Esri. Register before November 15 at https: Local agcsde from Somerville and Massachusetts: Basic Query Practice Data.


Social Explorer Tufts license — good site for mapping current and historical census data down to census tract level Policy Map Tufts license — map current census and other policy related data. How to define a map projection.

Using the Selection Tools for Querying Viewing statistics and summarizing information by category for a data set. Working with the NRCS soils database.