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For another clip showing the furnace melting around 60lbs. A two man job to lift and pour an A20 crucible of cast iron!

Click on any of the pictures for a larger view. One day in the distant future, I might HA! An A8 crucible pour.

Meanwhile back in reality, this furnace has more. An A20 crucible, 60 ish lbs. Building it bigger is no problem at all, but how big do you want it for your home foundry? With aluminium, if the pot fits in the furnace, the metal in it will melt. I have built the furnace with a 2″deep well in the bottom, this allows a lot of metals to be melted directly in the bdoger, no crucible!


The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace : Colin Peck :

Stock melting is a term Godger use for reducing any size or shape of scrap into usable ingots for future use and easy storage. It also “cleans” the metal of paint, grease, corrosion etc.

The picture on the left shows 5 wheel rims from a burnt out car, and some thin extruded alli. I fed the extruded alli. The picture on the right shows how to deal with something a little bigger! Allow the furnace to heat up first and it will run with the lid open to melt larger items. Thanks to boeger well, the metal simply melts straight into the furnace where it is ladled out or tapped from the spout.

Alternativly it can be allowed to run from the open tap hole into suitable ingot moulds. One of my great ideas that didn’t quite work out!! I knocked an 8mm hole through the clay bod in the tap hole to give a controlled flow rate, the 8mm rod pushed back into the hole slowed the flow rate to a drip to allow me to change the moulds over.

The Artful Bodger | JRB Publishing

Over forty kilos of good quality aluminium ingots melted directly into the furnace and straight into the ingot moulds, clean and ready to use! With the furnace on wheels, it’s easy to move around, and neat and tidy to store away.


I’m a very simple person so just about anything I make reflects this! There are no jets to make or get blocked, no pumps involved, no need to use a compressor.

The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace

It really is incredibly simple! I’ve seen some furnace designs that are major feats of engineering, they are works of art to be admired! However casting metal is bodher very simple process, why complicate it? Simple very rarely goes wrong, but when it does, it’s Unlike some types of furnace where you need to have a number of boxger to pour to justify the expense and trouble to light them.

With this design it doesn’t matter if it’s aluminium or cast iron.

Can you afford NOT to run a waste oil furnace!