Our 33 Litre Front Loading Benchtop Autoclave, available in Classic and Autofill versions, is ideal for laboratory research and is low in water. Have a question about Autoclaves, Sterilizers or Steam Generators? Our FAQ page has the answers. All the machines are supplied with a user manual but sometimes it is not consulted! Astell offer training to operators, and this is a service I recommend to ensure.

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If an autoclave has a steam generator little or no water remains in the end of the cycle. The Cooling Start temperature is set in Calibration – see page It will not be possible to enter values below this figure. Autovlave indicates an approximation to the load temperature. Unit includes a separate brine tank, allowing installation in difficult or restricted positions. This is the end of Configuration entries.

Is it possible to limit various cycles to a given operator? What one tool in your service kit bag could you not do without? Please keep a note of these displays ; You may be asked to quote these to assist the Astell service dept. Yes we supply a full selection of original equipment spare parts for our autoclaves.

The Astell 33 – 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclave Range

The pressure vessel design ensures the absolute minimum amount of water is used during a sterilization cycle, which not only means comparably low power consumption, but astell very quick heating and cooling. Service calls during the warranty period which in view of the manufacturer are caused by the incorrect type, use or fitting of paper will incur service charges.

Solenoid valve 3-way valve one port sealed Air Break to release chamber residual pressure. You need to also purchase the 5 position shelf rack to use this option. Setting a higher temperature will speed up cooling but will increase boiling-over and loss of the load contents on Bottled Fluid Loads, e.


The extra 2 Deg C below the threshold allows for the fact that the temperature control is cyclic and this can cause false DROPBACK detection if the load responds to the temperature fluctuations. ASB – Heaters in chamber litres Model: This makes large changes quicker and easier on the fingertips.

There are up to 8 Programs with a number of parameters which may be set.

By introducing steam between vacuum pulses, air is forced out of the autoclave chamber under pressure; the best method for removing air from porous type loads and discard waste.

Note that to avoid boiling the water in the condensate bottle of 35 and 50 litre machines, the Max Freesteam Time is 8 minutes. View Products in Stock. Do NOT pull the paper vertically out of the printer!!! Open the chamber by pressing OPEN in the normal manner. Often these will consist of petri dishes, and other plastic containers etc. Advanced options such as the Integral Steam Generator, External Jacket and choice of Vacuum can be applied to customise a vessel for many other applications such as liquids, fabrics and other porous loads.

The Astell 120 – 344 Litre Front Loading Autoclave Range

This may be too stiff or solid to use for some loads. Both of the range of autoclaves we manufacture and how they work.

These include semi-comprehensive and fully comprehensive service agreements that include extended warranty features, specified parts and different levels of maintenance cover, backed up by our team of mobile Service Engineers. The 33 to 63 litre front loading ‘Benchtop’ autoclaves are available in two versions. The Heat control setpoint is raised above the Sterilizing temperature during the heat-tosterilize stage, allowing the chamber temperature to exceed the setpoint.

A copy of the original Manufacturers Manual and literature is also provided. Mznual screwed-up fragments remain it will be necessary to open the controller case to gain better access to clear the printer.

See Page 42 MXN iss ed. This thermostat is described in this manual as the “Preset” Cooling Lock. Select and Start the cycle Throughout the cycle the display shows Temperatures, Times, and other cycle stage information. Isn’t there a potential problem with limescale?


Note that this system is Active Only if program. An AVC vacuum cycle starts with a pre vacuum which is followed by negative and positive pulsing. If in doubt consult Astell Scientific or your local agents. The printer can also be used to provide reports of cycle settings and servicing information. The system cannot be started unless the closure is fully secured. The Astell 33 – 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclave Range The 33 to 63 litre front loading ‘Benchtop’ autoclaves are available in two versions.

Any damage ensuing from unauthorised access to this level may be outside the scope of the warranty provisions.

Integral steam generator replaces heaters in chamber for improved control over steam production. What’s the advantage of using simple vacuum for discard loads?

The Cooling Astel Temperature autoclavd of less importance if the load does not contain liquids. After the sterilizing stage is complete, water in the bottom of the chamber is expelled and then a post vacuum takes place, removing any remaining steam from the chamber and cooling the load.

Litre Front Loading Autoclave | Astell UK

Pre-vacuum withdraws air from the chamber using a vacuum pump. Continued use of a machine which does not comply is a criminal offence under E. Prosthetic dentistry has been with us for years; from bamboo pegs to ivory, precious metals and porcelain However, in most cases these products will need to be dry at the end of the cycle, and for this an Advanced Vacuum and Heated Jacket will be necessary.