For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), bought on Ebay in. Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem. Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. For a week I have a Citizen ATE (Eco-Drive / Radio controlled), Manual or with automatic (2 am) update gives the same problem.

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Radio updating can take up to 15 minutes to complete. I have never successfully manualy synced a Casio or a Citizen. After the update process is complete successful or failedthe watch will return to normal operation.

citizen-eate-watch-setting |

May 26th, The second hand will move slightly indicating st4008 is ready for setting. Does that mean the watch is useless in de biggest part of the world?? Once you’ve done as GaryK suggests re the antenna try requesting a manual update outside. Pay particular attention to the hour hand to ensure the correct AM or PM time is set. Results 1 to 10 of April 6th, Failing that, take it outside after dark and try manual sync. The correct zero positions are: Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.


This is also the time where my watch is set after a time update. Press and hold the lower right button A for approximately 2 seconds and release. Awhile ago my neighbor had at4080 defective laptop power adapter that put so much RFI on the grid that none of my watches would sync in their normal location, and even strong AM stations were covered with noise.

Even in So Cal mine doesn’t sync every night.

August 2nd, 1. Citizen ATE Radio controlled 1 or 2 hours behind after time update. Failing that try the windowsill method. May Leap Year 1 year past leap year 2 year past leap year 3 year past leap year For further instructions and details of the many additional features of the Perpetual Chronograph AT, please refer to your owners manual or the technical support section our web site at www.

Who can help me?

Citizen AT4008-51E instruction manual and user guide

If so and the wrong city is selected the watch will tell you fibs. Be sure to set the time and date after performing these procedures. October 5th, 2.


You must now set the time and calendar. Automatic reception occurs first at 2: Citizen Radio controlled 12 hours off?

It won’t sync every night and rarely during the day. Checked this morning and the time was still incorrect: Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Therefore although the watch receives the signal from Frankfurt it shows only the British time and not CET. October 5th, 8. September 20th, Place the watch on a stable surface where it will not be disturbed during the update process. Yup good advice here, leave it near a west-facing window all night. Is the watch possibly defective? Rotate the crown to move the mode hand 6: The multifunction hand 2: October 5th, 3.

Press and release the lower right button A.