Full colour printed textbook of Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds for NDT cover. : 3This. The use of ultrasonics to test pipeline girth welds during pipeline today, the use of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds is becoming increasingly. This page book provides an overview of the principles of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds, and explains the many parameters that influence.

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Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

They were asked if they could distinguish the two areas of copper-related defect and invited to say what, in the signals, made them think it might be due to copper. The detection of the external slots was more variable. Only unused or defective materials will be considered as returns. Particular attention was paid to the types of defect associated with mechanized welding such as copper pick-up, cold laps and other lack of fusion defects.

Size measurement Two size measures of a defect are significant — the length along the line of the weld and the length through the thickness of the wall i. Such cracking could not readily be induced during welding so it was decided to machine narrow slots into the welds after fabrication.

Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

Some variation between inspection companies was apparent, indicating a lack of consistency. This geometry difference may account to some degree for the missed defects. Adequate time was given to each AUT company to ensure that they would not be pressured by time. The results confirmed that very good detection performance is gurth from AUT systems generically.


Defects associated with copper in the weld. Mechanized or Automated Ultrasonic Testing of pipeline girth welds is now in common use in the on – and offshore industry. Specially designed for in-site weld-to-weld inspection in extreme wlds, on-shore and off-shore. Weld profile Companies who offer mechanised welding services use various types of welding preparations for the profile of the ends of the pipe.

They were also re-radiographed and digitised both for the record and as a further check. This paper discusses the RTD Rotoscan system, which is the first worldwide AUT inspection system for new construction pipeline girth welds.

A plot of the RT lengths of the defects, also shown in figure 3, demonstrates that they were deliberately made to be short and so were more difficult to detect by the AUT. To analyze the data, the operator chooses the appropriate view to display based on the wall thickness measurement of the pipe that was acquired by each phased array probe during the scan.

TOFD size measures have been proven to be good for buried and deep defects Ref. Nearly 90 defects were used; eight inspections from seven companies thus gave a reasonable statistical set of data.

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The plan of work Nine butt welds were fabricated in 48 inch mm diameter, X80 grade, pipes using two mechanised welding systems. There is some degree of radiation hazard to the public and operators in using x-rays and Transco have considered whether this can be reduced or removed. Clustered porosity is frequently found, especially larger clusters.

Each of the internal slots was eventually detected across the board one company did so only on a second attempt. The length along the weld tends to be longer when measured ultrasonically.

The Performance of Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) of Mechanised Pipeline Girth Welds

The novelty and complexity of the AUT data places a renewed demand on the skills of company representatives in terms of overseeing the application of AUT in the field. After being welded, pipeeline welds were inspected using panoramic X-radiography. The Detection of Copper. Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds Ultraeonic book provides an overview of the principles involved in automated ultrasonic testings of girth welds as well as presents some of the origins and many parameters that influence the results of these inspections.


Seamless pipes used in the field are known to have significant variations in wall thickness due to their manufacturing process. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Journal home Journal issue About the journal.

If item is damaged contact ASNT immediately and keep shipping container.

It was carried out by Advantica Technologies on behalf of Transco. Each company inspected the welds independently, under the oversight of Advantica staff. From the weld, ultrasonic data is collected from which the defect sizes and positions can be determined by experienced operators using dedicated software algorithms.

The ultrasonic properties of the seam weld material are unknown, so it cannot be assumed that the ultrasonic beams are appropriately targeted. Automated ultrasonic testing AUT with phased array zone discrimination is a common method used to inspect pipeljne girth welds.

Several other companies were invited to take part in the trials but, for a variety of reasons, were unable to do so.