In order to compose “Autoritratto”, Carla Lonzi recorded conversations directly, availing herself of the then new technology of the tape recorder. Carla Lonzi by Carla Subrizi Carla Lonzi’s book Autoritratto (Self-portrait) was published by De Donato. A polyphonic self-portrait. The life and work of Carla Lonzi (–) is inseparable from the cultural, political, and social history of Italy in the decades.

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There are several proposed explanations for this, including that Lonzi’s art historical work was widely interpreted as an extension of her work as a feminist activist and that it did not adopt a lomzi approach to the promotion of Italian art in the s and 80s.

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Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Berkeley: Accordingly, Autoritratto emerges as a search for an authorial female voice in opposition to the prevalent practices of art writing.

My translation and emphasis. It was a comfort that other women had experienced such states and spoken of them with simplicity: Carla Lonzi, Carla Accardi and Serena Castaldi formed Rivolta Femminile Female Revolt [PDF]a radical group that created space for women to question not only their interactions with the world, but most importantly to raise awareness of the self.

We Are All Clitoridian Women: Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy

Women realize brutally that the fading of their physical freshness awakens, in the best case, a form of tolerance that avoids or delays erotic exclusion. I felt Plath roaming free, free on the slope of suicide. Splitting open the traditionally lone voice of the narrator, she draws into the text the space delineated by multiple gazes, inferring an opening that is not void, but rather, occupied energetically by the mutual recognition of many—who see themselves outside themselves and the other in them.


Well, I guess that your experience as a student is a very typical one. The book rejects dominant modes of art writing, beginning with its refusal of the notion of a linear and homogeneous time that is able to unify artists, movements and historical facts. It is less a transport than a rapporta relation.

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Prefazione a Carla Lonzi, Autoritratto | Laura Iamurri –

How is struggle inexhaustible? After all, what is the revolution? She appears supported by two straight poles under each arm; she looks at the camera with somber intensity, though much of the detail of her facial expression is lost.

When confronted by her legacy, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position, caela we run the risk of repatriating it and taming it or being dangerously affected by it. Employing techniques of collage and illustration, each assembles her text from an array of verbal and visual fragments, yielding a surface of interlocking, disjunctive parts—the kaleidoscopic form.

The human material that appears through this process of subtraction is frightening and dangerous, something that capitalism, the social order, and patriarchal politics try to hide and erase.

Were you expecting me? She saw it as a way of reproducing life and revealing truths. But later, Lonzi s separatist feminism led to a refusal of culture itself as a patriarchal construction. Through the passing of seasons.


Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy”. With this opportunity, I have realized that an identification of myself was happening automatically, which had been left in suspense until that moment, and in that impossibility I had consumed an incredible amount of energy. We used to call that place a museum.


The Rivolta Femminile developed its own publishing house, the Scritti di Rivolta Femminile, which allowed the group to distribute its own work. You give me the remainder of your time in the lonzj.

Do you know me? We struggle by stretching, turning, spinning, bruising, showing skin, wear, and traces of blood. Display comments as Linear Threaded. Reading the diary has been a transformative experience for me.

She directly compares herself with Plath, acknowledging her affinity, yet lays out a key difference: If one gives priority to the production of the darla, to the detriment of the human relationship, the human relationship inevitably cannot fulfill itself, because the two things are competing against each other … The human relationship is instrumental.

Click to start a discussion of the article above. In this practice of self-awareness and consciousness-raising, the desire to express oneself, when shared with others and their experiences, is transformed into a political act that demands space outside the realms of the private and urges sociocultural change.

Diario di una femminista Shut up.

By Nicole Trigg [Struggle. The majority of these images are personal or travel cara only a small number reproduce artworks.

Diario di una femminista. What does it mean to occupy the position of the one who speaks on behalf of others? In a text fromAntonella Nappi, who belonged to a different current of Italian feminism, wrote some enlightening lines about the political and existential content of nudity.