BA(KOREA) NTE Equvilent NTEP TRANSISTOR PNP SILICON V IC= 1A TO GENERAL PURPOSE AMP. NTE Data Sheet Data Sheet. NTE. 2SBA transistor pinout, marking BA Sometimes the “2S” prefix is not marked on the package – the 2SBA transistor might be marked “BA”. BA datasheet, BA pdf, BA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf.

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For example, device driver FIG. In this embodiment, when the SMS determines that the scope of the upgrade requires an upgrade to the configuration database, the master SMS instructs slave SMS e on central processor 13 to perform the upgrade. Slave SRM 37 b also determines, based on the type of failure or event, whether it can handle the error without affecting other processes outside its scope, for example, processes running on other boards.

Depending upon the fault policy managed by the slave SRMs on each board, the failure of an application or device driver may not immediately cause an automatic downgrade during an upgrade process.

The NMS process can communicate, for example, with the configuration database through a standard database protocol. The configuration database detects LID 30 in SLR a and sends slave SRMs 37 b line card 16 a and 37 o line card 16 n a change notification including the name of the executable file e.

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Metadata facilitates customization of the execution behavior of software processes without modifying the operating system software image. Downtime may occur unexpectedly days after an upgrade due to lurking software or hardware incompatibilities. In computer system 10however, command line interface changes made to configuration database 42 are passed immediately to the NMS database through the active query feature ensuring that the NMS is immediately aware of any configuration changes.

Alternatively, local backup may be a database process, for example, a Polyhedra database, similar to the configuration database. A fault policy based on hierarchical scopes ensures that for each particular type of failure the most appropriate action is taken.

Configuration database 42 sends a notification to master SMS including the name of the driver to be upgraded. It should be understood that SONET port is an example of one type of port that may be supported by computer system Although ATM applications were used in the examples above, this is by way of example only.

The user also needs to provide the NMS with information about the type of network connection e. For example, if a new device driver is started, it simply registers with name serverand name server notifies either ATM or if a service endpoint in which they are interested is within the new device driver. For example, the operating system may be unable to assign a process for each ATM interface, each service endpoint, each permanent virtual circuit, etc.


If the device driver has published its name and process identification with NS bthen NS b notifies ATM of the process identification number associated with atm. These tables are accessed by other applications to configure computer system A communication link is established through NS b. It is also coupled to ATM interface model Single Pole Double Throw. If device driver is restarted or upgraded, SEM 96 a will again notify DD that its associated service endpoint is SE 1 which will cause DD to generate the same name of atm.

Preferably, computer system 10 implements a name server process and a flexible naming procedure. DD publishes this name to NS b along with the process identification assigned by the operating system and the name of its service endpoints.

As another example, a device driver, for example, device driver 43 a may determine that the hardware associated with its port, for example, port 44 ais in a bad state. Configuration database 42 may automatically copy the changes made to SET 76 and ATM instance table to persistent storage 21 such that if the computer system is shut down and rebooted, the changes to the configuration database will be maintained.

Having the backup be local reduces recovery time. The fault handler then notifies the local slave SRM of the hardware exception and the process that caused it.


In either case, the device driver re-initializes the hardware during its recovery. Instead, the message format can be made more flexible by passing information through the name server or BOM. Custom Bundle see all. In addition, each program is addressed with an abstract communication handle, or logical name.

Alternatively, the failing device driver may have corrupted the hardware, thus, resetting the hardware as soon as the device driver is terminated may be important to prevent data corruption. If the event or fault or the actions required to handle either will affect processes outside the LRM’s scope, then the LRM notifies slave SRM 37 b of the event or failure. In addition, each primary process may be backed-up by one or more backup processes executing on one or more of the other line cards.

As described above, under the protected memory model, a failing process cannot corrupt the memory blocks used bb564a other processes. The majority of Internet outages are directly attributable to software upgrade issues and software quality in general.

Many types of configuration changes are possible, and the modular software architecture allows them to be made while the computer system is running hot changes. The OSE operating datxsheet is a pre-emptive multi-tasking operating system that provides a set of services that together support the development of distributed applications i.


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A backup or redundant Ethernet switch may datasbeet be connected to each board such that if the primary Ethernet switch fails, the boards can fail-over to the backup Ethernet switch.

Under the modular software architecture, however, applications, for example ATM applicationare independent of the device drivers, for example, ATM driver and Device Drivers DD a — c. Net output, in the case of a network device e. Instead of implementing a change to a distributed application across the entire computer system, an evaluation mode allows the SMS to implement the change in only a portion of the computer system.

An active query notification is sent by the configuration database to datxsheet master SRM indicating the changes to the default fault policy. Similarly, memory 40 is capable of simultaneously maintaining the original and upgraded versions of the configuration database records and executable files as well as the original and upgraded versions of the applications e.

Alternatively, the backup could be stored remotely on another board but the recovery time would be increased by the amount of time required to download the information from the remote location. Over time the user will likely make hardware changes to the computer system that require configuration changes.

Where protected memory is supported, the system may have insufficient memory datasneet assign each process and configurable object a separate memory block. The master SMS notifies each slave SMS running on boards to be upgraded of the name of the device driver executable file to download and execute.

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As described above, logical service endpoint model is coupled to service endpoint model Similar to the ECG In addition, each high level process must periodically poll other high level processes to determine whether objects within them are still active i. The user then tells the NMS how they want the system configured. In the embodiment where changes are made to backup configuration database on backup central processor 13original configuration database 42 remains unchanged.

An ATM query to a device driver that does not include a necessary service endpoint is a waste of time and resources. The configuration database may be slow to access especially since many other applications also access this database.