The recitation of Bashair Al Khairat is so powerful that its immense benefits can be noticed in this world, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will reap the benefits. Bashair al Khayrat. 1 like. Book. Bashair al Khayrat. Privacy · Terms. About. Bashair al Khayrat. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up. Bashair Al Khairat – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BASHAIR UL KHAIRAT.

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To whom do the heavens belong, O Muhammad? Surely the Garden [of Paradise] fa-inna l-jannata.

Copyright holder grants to reader license to print single copy for personal use or study only. To Allah we belong, and to Him we are returning.

He will suffer no distress and no remorse, and he will be subjected to an easy reckoning. When he passes across the Bridge of Hell, the Fire will bashaif to him: From the very beginning of human existence in this Achchey Aamal Good Deeds. If someone seeks to achieve some purpose by them, he will a be turned away disappointed.

So remember Me, and I will remember you. Each dome will contain a palace of gold, and in each palace there will be one hundred pavilions made of light. So he will look at Him and see Him with his eye, before his spirit departs. He will be dressed in two.


Al-hamdu lillahi Rabbi l-alamin. At this point, the Prophet Allah bless him and give him peace bowed down in prostration, and the sense of shame prevented him from saying anything.

To whom do the veils belong? Be of good cheer, O servant of Allah!

Salawat of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani RA – Bashair al-Khairat – “Glad Tidings of Good Tidings”

Our Lord, You have not wa l-ard: To whom does the Pedestal [Kursi] belong, O Muhammad? Whoever does right, whether bashwir or female, wa man amila salihan min dhakarin aw untha. The first will keep Satan away from him. They have a special merit that is something too tremendous to be calculated.

My master, Shaikh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, then went on to say: To whom do the heavens belong, O Muhammad? He will enter his grave with a feeling of security, happy khsyrat cheerful, and he will experience no loneliness and no confinement therein.

The fourth will hold in his hand a vessel of gold, filled with the fruits of the Garden of Paradise, giving him a glad tidings of a dwelling in the Garden, and saying to him: Please remember to pray your five daily prayers and uphold the sunnah as much as possible!!!

Basha’ir al-Khayrat |

Forty doorways of mercy will be opened for him, and the like thereof of light. All we ask in return is that you promise to yourself to recite this at least once a week or once a day, and that you inform others about this as well so kharat they may benefit as well. It is the opening of seventy doors of mercy, and it manifests marvels from the path of the Garden of Paradise.


If someone recites them, even one time only, or carries them with him, Allah will grant forgiveness to him and to bashait who are with him in his company.

Bashair al Khairat – Glad Tidings of Good Things | Ashiq-E-Rasool

And My mercy embraces all things, wa rahmati wasiat kulla shai. And give glad tidings to the believers, Wa bashshiri l-muminin. In the Grave 3. O Basyair, grant blessing and peace Allahumma salli wa sallim. Her body will consist of the most fragrant perfume, as if it were the full moon of the night of his consummation. He will enter the Garden of Paradise in the company of the righteous forebears, and in the Garden he will be given forty domes of white silver.