User manual for the device Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD Online user manual database. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Behringer BCD User Manual • Behringer Receivers and Amplifiers. BCD is designed to be used while connected to computer In following, product specifications and/or user manual content may be.

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I’m receiving it next week and if someone has it, he’s pleased to share it! Seems like another one bites the dust Posted Mon 10 Apr 06 Some people already got theirs. Posted Tue 11 Apr 06 The problem is, I’m no expert with midi. Posted Tue 11 Apr 06 8: Posted Tue 11 Apr bcc2000 9: It’ll be send out tomorrow hopefully. I will try to play with it a little Posted Tue 11 Apr 06 4: I believe they do not, such dials are usually custom MIDI messages.

There are different ways to present like And when you have “endless dial”. This is why the endless dials on my Novation control do not work with pretty much any program out there.

Behringer B-Control Deejay BCD2000 User Manual

Live and Reason have pretty good ones. Posted Tue 11 Apr 06 5: Another thing to watch out for is buttons that are transmitted as note numbers.

Posted Tue 11 Apr 06 7: After playing around manually assigning the MIDI no’s to the functions for over 6hrs I finally gave up. The pitch MIDI control was backwards. Master volume is not assignable. PFL mix control is not assignable, etc. I did get some manuap the more basic functions to work The quality of the unit is average it is Behringer after alland that is what I bcd20000.


One major flaw that I found is that VDJ just stops playing randomly when mannual have this unit hooked up. I did load the DJ software that came with the unit B-DJ just to see if all of the functions worked as advertised. Not sure what was happening there and I didn’t really care anyhow. The scratch function was OK. Wheel is a little small and the sensitivity is not that great.

Certainly better than using the mouse! Havn’t tried the ‘talkover’ mic function yet. I hope so, because if we can work through the quirky issues, I believe that this could be a good low cost option. Posted Thu 13 Apr 06 There should be a way to easily customize the MIDI functionality and the messages sent back and forth without having to beg for support every time new gear comes out. These type of MIDI DJ controllers are popping up like crazy now and the only bbcd2000 thing to do is make it easy for the VDJ developer community to add new support and then have some XML config for users to customize sensitivity etc further.

That “Advanced” thing in BCD is actually “simple mode”. It means mznual the LEDs work based on presses on the unit and this means they can go into wrong state easily.

Posted Tue 18 Apr 06 I had trouble getting the pitch sliders to work as well as the volume, manuaal wheels and eq dials. Some of the buttons I got to work, but few.

Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD user manual – – Solve your problem

I tried the Bome’s midi translator but I guess I didn’t get it to work with the key shortcuts either. It didn’t work for me; It was too complicated. Anyway, I did some research lots of manua, and found a forum for another DJ program called Traktor 30 day trial. I followed all instructions and had the Behringer work perfectly with the Traktor software.


Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD2000 user manual

They used Bome’s midi translator and midi yoke together to make it work along with mapping the midi code. It seems to me that it’s ‘do-able’ with VDJ too.

Anyway if you want to do some reading, here it is the forum that is BC Posted Mon 24 Apr 06 4: Use this free web hosting http: Posted Wed 26 Apr 06 3: Posted Wed 26 Apr 06 9: I have problem with the Pitch faders. It looks like BCD is inversing the control messages: There is no gain faders on the BCD.

Now when i’m playing after several bcv2000 15 to 50either the track is stopping or slowing down. I suspect to have a real problem here.

I continue to investigate, I let you informed on my progresses. Posted Thu 04 May 06 But i had a bcs2000 with virtual DJ 3 a while back and love it it does what we want all we need now is support for the BCD, i have tried using midi maps etc but its too much of a headache.

Most of function are OK except prelistening. I suspect it ‘s too much busy with 2 streams. I use the hercules card or integrated sound circuit for prelistening.

The pitch is still inversed. The scratch works only for forward direction. Posted Tue 09 May 06