20 transistor solid state Bedini energizer. Hello John and the forum members hope your day of experiments are going well. Thought id start a. The aim for this project is to study and learn the working principle of John C. Bedini’s Simple School Girl (SSG) Energizer. John C. Bedini had released the. I think John Bedini has the solution to “tap” into it, as well as others. so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

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Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription. Are we wasting our time? First off, I believe in power from the Dirac. I believe there are people on this forum who have rediscovered what Tesla and the other pioneers of the 20th century had discovered and took with them to their grave.

Bedini Energizer Specifications – Really? – Energetic Forum

Nor energuzer I want to. I want to protect my family from the up and coming storm that is about to engulf us all around the globe. The patterns of greed and entitlement are about to crash. I want to assure that my family has basic comforts when the grid goes down. I have built the SG instead of the Window unit as I believe energlzer is a more scalable model. That baby really hums. I have been trying different coil geometries, core materials and such. Better efficiencies but still no OU.

I have read that we have talent on this forum with decades of experience in this. ARE there any people in this forum with the courage to openly disclose and share the progress energozer have made so others, like myself, can just get their energizers built and move on.

The things that matter, the things that get results. I have combed through energizre hundreds of pages on this site. I have an idea of those who could help. I have no idea of those with enough compassion for mankind to set aside their desires for financial gain and openly give their results, successes and failures. Peace and Love to the World. There must be a score of relevant threads on this board. You should bfdini the “search” facility to find what suits you.

Unfortunately I had the same experience with Bendini motor systems, If he has built a OU motor its not one of the published diagrams. Go to you tube and watch Bendini motor videos, none that I could find could bedkni themselves. Sure the systems out put very high voltage spikes, but they are at very low current and very bedjni duration, resulting in little useful power output.

Even using it as a battery charger was futile, the battery being charged would, develop a ghost charge, it would rise in voltage quite quickly, but if you applied any sort of load to the battery after charging it the voltage level would drop quite quickly to what it was before charging. I’ve seen no OU with any of the Bendini circuits I’ve built and have moved on. Not yet there no running OU system but I can give you one enregizer which I’ll be also testing soon. We can made self-running device and it shouldn’t be that hard.


The way to do it is by resonance but not in common sense of RLC resonance but make output of device with proper relation to input so we can loop energy back making it almost self-sufficient.

For example we could light bulb with some kind of inertia like in blocking oscillators. Instead of bulb immediately turned off when power is disconnected we bsdini make it pulsing some time maybe seconds maybe minutes. The there is only one step to OU – add tiny bit of energy enerrgizer looses from any source like solar or radio waves not necessarily from radio stations, better energizet cosmic source.

In other way we should deeply analyse what is going on with electric power which is coming back from out houses to power grid station. That was always a mystery for me but now I’m sure we are paying for waste, the real energy is returning backbut is not reused or eneegizer it?

This is the first proof of true OU that I have seen.

I believe this researcher to be real and sincere. His device is free running after initial start up. His name is Romero and he has his own forum if you are interested in learning more. In my experiences with bedini circuits, I have never seen ghost charge. My batteries get charged, and do deliver power, I have not seen OU but I have never cycled a battery long enough, and I don’t have much batteries to charge 1 front and 4 in the back, I charge with 1 in front and 1 in the back, but I repeat, the batterie does get real charge and can power a load as it should.

Originally Posted by Leviathan. I haven’t been an active experimenter sincebut if I were ever going to start back up beddini, I’d probably use Leon Dragone’s experiments as my starting point. If this were even remotely simple, everybody would be doing it. I will say that just reading these boards the past few weeks, you guys are a hell of a lot further along than we were 10 years ago. The Gray Tube thread is loaded with information that would have blown our minds just a few years ago.

Last edited by JacobS; at Bedino Posted by OrionLightShip. Originally Posted by Stephen Brown. Thanks Guys, I thought as much. Many claim to have worked energixer out, but Tesla was probably the only true master of this energy and he buckled.

Then there is the Watson generator. Heck, I would take 8kw. There are many things here that don’t add up. I’m not talking about the engineering, I’m talking about the claims. I can get this dumb thing to run for a couple enerfizer with a converter in the circuit, but no OU. Coil rings like a bell. Runs about rpm for best voltage. I get 12v 7ah gel batteries that have been discarded for free, take the best ones and have gotten good charges on a few.

So there is something to the “conditioning the battery”. In other words, I get past the “fluffy” charge. Thanks Orion, Great site. Lots of cool projects. I will try building the little low power oscillator. My replication of Lidmotors “Penny” seems to sit running at around. Originally Posted by tachyoncatcher.

Originally Posted by JacobS. Yeah, I don’t think that anybody including Tesla has ever pieced the whole puzzle together, enerrgizer the point where it “just works” and they can reproduce it with another device.


I think back toor thereabouts. Lindemann had just recently published “Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity” and Harwood had just reproduced the Adams motor from scrap parts. Graham Gunderson was doing some impressive experimental work with VTA-type technology.

I thought “Okay, this is it. We’re really about to figure this stuff out.

John Bedini Energizers 1

I’ll explain, let’s say there was a ‘magic’ source of free energy suddenly available globally. The cost of other goods and services would increase to fill the gap left by the loss of that taxable income. We need to keep in mind that the Governments rely on taxes to exist -period.

Now if you realize that this is a chess game you’ll start to see a pattern, there is no magic source of free energy that can be made without the need for other resources. If there have been those who’ve figured out how to generate their own energy off the grid, they are smartly quiet about it, possibly a small circle of friends. Anything large enough to attract attention will doom it and the inventors.

The naive thought that public sharing would put it into the hands of the public for all is very misguided, as a matter of fact the controlling powers that be support the idea. I’m not promoting that we should abandon the search and effort, not in the least.

However I’m calling attention to what is really going on, to make those willing to see the game afoot, what the challenges are and how to hopefully calculate the next move. The other problem is the definition of free energy, free in what commodity? Great, however there are costs for building, infrastructure, delivery energizwr maintenance.

So not free in that area, as a matter of fact it’s no different than if it was less out then in. Ok so then the tipping point has to be more out then in right? Take water as an example, it’s everywhere on this planet. Yet clean and safe sources are controlled and regulated. Anyone stop to wonder why?

It’s sadly not possible at this point and for the next millennium for the human race to work together in mutual benefit for the betterment of the human race. With a broad brush I’ll paint the human race as a barely evolved or devolved parasite.

The life of the majority of bedin planet is a struggle to efficiently kill each other, a complete waste of energy. I certainly think that a lot of people have built working OU devices. I do not believe this would cause a degradation of tax income for the governments of the world.

If a new energy source was discovered, there would simply beini a repositioning of the rnergizer base. The regulators of the world would be quite happy creating new taxes on the sudden exploding enterprise of creating new devices that would utilize this new source.

It would be similar to the energier of commerce of early ‘s. Nothing is new to the human condition, just different. What is new is the Internet.