Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Acarya Sri Madhva could make seeds to sprout into seedlings in his hand by chanting the required Vedic hymn. This is the Varsa that provides oppor- tunities for human beings to earn merit.

Barring the space occu- pied by the three mountain ranges Gandhamadana, Jatara and Devakuta the Bhadrasva Varsa measures 27 thousand yojanas from west to east. Oh, how kind is that Mother varbanam the universes I 95 During the period of creation, the same Maha Kala, running like a continuous stream, presents itself to be recognised in the form of the Time Wheel vvarnanam room for the movements of the planets and enabling human beings to take note of the varnannam of time in its fractional parts like moments and its wholes like hours, days, months and years.

Saint Sri Vadiraja refutes the arguments of the so called learned men of his days who maintained that the said main wheel was meant for the sun’s movement only.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam”

Tansen, the bhugolla musician of Akbar, had such mastery over ‘ Dipak rag’ that he could make the wick of an oil lamp catch fire and get lighted up. The causation bodies of all of them are got rid off; and then they get into the inner city, Ayodhya.

Sage Narada and the seven rsis too worship Nara-Narayana, day after day. But such persons are very rare to find. Material science enlightens us with the knowledge of Nature, Geography and Astronomy ; and it also tells us about the vastness of the universe and the marvellous forces hidden in it Thereby we become aware of God’s unlimited powers.

Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Female souls, the true partners of the male souls mentioned, are also having gradations. Have the scientists found at least one more solar system within our own ‘galaxy’? To elucidate this concept varmanam details in terms of modern knowledge on this subject. Saint Sri Vadiraia has given this hhugola, so that the devotees of the Lord may see their way clearly. But, it seems, my father saw the yeti twice; and I cannot disbelieve his words”. Around it is the envelope of -the fire element with a thickness of ‘Nirbuda’ yojanas 10, crore.


This extends upto the sea on its west.

Bhugola Varnanam Badarayana Murthy

Lord timsumara, with head down and tail up, turns round and round like a gymnast right above the Meru axis and, projecting shaft-like power lines from His 97 body and with power lines from Pole Star Point, -controls the movements of all celestial bodies.

Their progress too will be quickened when they come to know the substantial secrets hidden in Vedic lore. It is at an altitude of 16,25,00, yojanas above the earth. She remarks that it is bhugoola to develop scientific attitude to know things precisely and to be guarded against religious hoaxes. This is varanam a person walking forth in a moving train, in the the same direction, from the last carriage upto the first one near the engine. The Christian term Manoa is the same as Manu. It is Sridevi bhutola is in the form of that loka where the released souls are.

He has written a book, “Is the world an illusion according to Shankara?

This Puranic representation is most accurate in presenting Vishnu in this manner, though somewhat perplexing. After that is ‘ Kusadvlpa’ where Kusa grass clusters grow very very tall like blazing pillars.

The Samaveda is well- known as the source of the musical science. The three together 50 – earth, dark region and Ghanodaka – measure fifty crore bhugla from end to end.

The Satya loka of Brahma is snaped like a tuber at its base. Above them is Parvatldevispouse of ‘Siva, receiving the impulses and translating them into knowledgeable terms.

No doubt, it is their fate to suffer in ‘Andhantamas’; but such suffering is the need of their very nature. Gravitational force is nothing but the will varnxnam the Omnipotent Lord working through material bodies. On the eastern 80 side is the Gandhamadana mountain stretching between Nlla and Nisadha mountains. Because of the brilliance of these star-like vehicles and of the stars and planets, the Time Wheel is called as ‘Jyotiscakra’ – the ‘Wheel of Light’.


It is strange that the staunch followers of reli- gious teachers believe implicitly whatever those teachers say without using discretion. This being eual to miles x 6the measurement is exact.

The wheels of the ‘Kala Cakra’ are twelve nine for the nine Planets, one for the ‘Saptarsis’, one for the stars and one for the ‘Rasis’ constellations. The point to note, however, is that the Eagle is the higher symbol of the 8th sign, the only one in the zodiac to have a higher and lower symbolism.

Each just swings along In its own orbit according to law. In fact, the first Manu, Swayambhuva,! Since the hard earth extends downward, upto where it finds support on Adi Sesa’s head, the hells, which are in line with the directional elephants, are naturally above Ghanodaka and below the surface of the visible earth.

The belly of a sage Sage Agastya could contain the ocean. Vedic information is correct. The planet “Sukra Venus is two lakh yojanas higher than the stars. The Verse quoted tells us how Brahman is inside and outside everything and every- one without being contaminated.

The Meru mountain itself and the Pole star, right above it at the tail end of Lord ‘simsu- mara, are to the north of all else on earth. It is natural that the two do not agree in all the details.

The question of questions is – “Will our scientists ever get over the human tendency of succumbing to pride and prejudice in order to know the truth?