BlackLight®. Analysis for all 4 major platforms. Please visit the Software Downloads page to download the latest version. Software Downloads. In recent months there have been several new and exciting developments to BlackBag’s BlackLight solution. BlackLight helps investigators to. by Scar de Courcier In recent months there have been several new and exciting developments to BlackBag’s BlackLight solution. BlackLight.

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To learn about all the new features, improvements, and fixes view the release notes for BlackLight R2. This article is a continuation to the first T2 chip blog article Examining Mac Data from Hardware With the Apple T2 Chip and designed to share some quick tips to help with a logical acquisition.

BlackLight is designed to make reporting incredibly flexible. AMR files voicemail, etc.

BlackLight Current Release – Software Downloads – Resources

Now when you add each volume, it is automatically assigned a number in the order in which the data is ingested. Traces of potentially important blackbaag activity from many disparate locations are organized for practical, efficient examination. Based on user feedback, we’ve also included significant improvements to users ability to tag files that we will blackligbt in more detail below. BlackLight quickly analyzes computer volumes and mobile devices.

We added the top 3 most popular customer requests AND, remembering our Mac Forensic fans, provided new support for Spotlight artifacts BlackLight’s Media view has built-in support for all commonly used picture and video file types, and it includes several helpful and examiner-oriented analysis features, such as:.


Ashley Hernandez Tagging Improvements as easy as with BlackLight R4 This year BlackBag has been releasing new features and user suggested improvements at a rapid pace. What’s the best forensic examination platform?

BlackBag Blacklight

A significant number of devices sat in evidence rooms with the passcode locked, and vast amounts of digital evidence were not reviewed. Want to keep up to date with all our latest news and information? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

If you select your volumes, you can then create a snapshot filter so that you see only the ones that have changed in the snapshot, or those that are unique to an active file petition or snapshot.

If you want to [ The Communication view in BlackLight allows examiners to see a full log of calls, voicemail, social media activity, and more. With macOS and iOS rapidly driving adoption rates of this new file system, we want to make sure examiners have access to the best and most complete support for APFS.

BlackBag Technologies

Additional devices running Android 4. It sheds light on user actions and now even includes analysis of memory images. Data Collections have the ability to logically acquire data, hash each file, record metadata for each file, and document the acquisition process.

We are very excited to announce BlackLight R2 is officially released and includes top customer requested features. Our latest release, BlackLight R4, includes: Beyond the UI redesign, however, there are a number of other capabilities BlackBag have recently added to BlackLight to make it a more powerful tool for forensic investigation.


BlackBag Blacklight – Forensic Computers, Inc.

BlackLight allows for easy searching, filtering and otherwise sifting through large data sets. Additional devices running Android 4. Ashley Hernandez What Time is It?

Posted Thursday September 20, Enter your e-mail below to be added to our mailing list. We took a look at some of the latest changes and how they work. However, customers no longer receive all BlackLight software updates at no additional cost once their license expires.

Although it was always possible to search across these, filtering was not blackbaf option until recently. Examiners may export large data sets in an easily readable format, and can export reports in a variety of formats to enable easy information sharing with all interested third parties.

Most importantly, examiners can view messaging threads in list view or in their native format, with support for data from:. If Windows examiners do not have QuickTime installed and they wish to play certain file types such as. Snapshots can be mounted as read-only volumes that are exact copies of the file system state at the time they were taken.