Chalion Index. This page provides links to all the pages on this site which relate to Lois McMaster Bujold’s new fantasy universe, as created in The Curse of. The Curse of Chalion (Chalion series) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man broken in body and spirit, Cazaril. Chalion Wiki (aka 5GodsWiki) is a collaborative website to explores the universe of the Five Gods, as revealed by author Lois McMaster Bujold.

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I would definitely recommend this book and I can’t wait to try out the next one in this series and hopefully I will love that one even more: The theology of this fantasy world is interesting.

Bujold has always been a master at this, and while this particular novel seems to be a large departure from what we have known, we get through it feeling as if every character is as real as our own loved ones, we handle and are horrified by all the political intrigues and machinations, doing our absolute and not-quite-sufficient best. I love this author, but I only knew her from her more popular sci-fi works.

Soon Cazaril finds himself a welcome and valued member of the household, eventually appointed to be the personal secretary-tutor to the Dowager’s granddaughter, the Royesse Iselle.

The Curse of Chalion | Chalion Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

First, though, let me make an important disclaimer: This being a Bujold book an element of romance is to be expected. Ca The Curse of Chalion is the story of a noble, broken man who has just managed hcalion escape from slavery.

That the plot wasn’t driven by a main character’s stupidity? At times however Cazaril lost my interest and when this happened I lost interest in the story as a whole. In gujold 1 book the author created a complex and intriguing world history reminiscent of the Iberian peninsula in the middle ages, while the story of ‘The Golden General’ was an especially interesting piece of lore.

The Curse of Chalion is a story told from buuold margins of a great power play. Jan 25, Kaitlin rated it really liked it. Whilst serving under her many of his secrets are exposed whether he wants that or not and he also discovers many secrets of others around him. All he really has to hope for is supporting his liege-woman. How the gods relate to the mere mortals, grants a deeper meaning to the book. Despite being listed as Chalion, 1 by good reads, this is a stand alone story.


I recommend it read any doctor. Chslion fact, other than the fact that Cazaril was a broken man like Miles, he was pretty much Miles’s opposite.

This leaves Iselle the Heiress of Chalion – a very desired person for marriage.

World of the Five Gods (Publication) Series

He isn’t a quintessential courtier by any means, but he knows how things work. When Teidez and Iselle are summoned to the castle of Cardegoss, whispered rumors hint that the sickly Roya Orico may be on his last legs, and that Teidez’s assumption of the throne must be imminent.

Paladin of souls RTC 3. The other characters cualion fully rounded personalities, too.

The Curse of Chalion

The plot centres on returning warrior Cazaril, still recovering after being betrayed into slavery, and looking for work where he was previously employed as a page. I read the first chapter on my way to work – and after just that one chapter, the main character stayed in my head all day – I couldn’t wait to read more. A princess who expects to survive the circling sharks would have to be on top of such things. gujold

McMaster Bujold, but won’t be my last. The first part bujolx magniifica, and is read at a stretch I have to blame one thing factory of Ideas, and it is that as well as some Spanish publishers split the books into two, to win dineto. Views Read Edit View history. Maybe I felt something more disappointed with the villains, although Dondo seems to me to be more evil than his brother Hartou Jironal. Cazaril ensures that both Iselle and Betriz know which courtiers are playing what games at what skill levels.

The Curse of Chalion – Wikipedia

That is both a nice change from most fantasy these days, and a little sad, because I’ve grown attached to her characters and would like to see how they make out after the story ends.


And any book that makes me think such random thoughts is served a fresh and oh-so-diet-crushing dessert of five golden stars from me: He’s a thoroughly tired out man by the time we meet him travelling on the road to Chalion, but he’s also a really mysterious and interesting character to try and work out.

I hope the rest of the series lives up to its This is top notch quality fantasy. And yet they never felt in the least bit stereotypical, to me.

It isn’t that there’s anything particularly innovative or envelope-pushing about this story. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Suddenly I was completely in its grip! Indeed, Cazaril’s act of magic to save Iselle, involving both death and resurrection, is brazenly Christ-like. I liked this book a lot, but not as much as the other two. So I love how discrete magic is in this book.

The religion in the book is well done and I’m a Christian. Betriz is a likeable romance option for Cazaril but I never really felt that she was a strong character on her own merits. Time of Isolation Vordarian’s Pretendership. There are also those who still hold on to the more humane values and virtues and balance out the failings of our kind. It’s a slow start – I didn’t see what the point of it all was for quite a while. Although the frequent Deus Ex Machinima’s caused by the god’s interventions and lack of depth in secondary characters made it hard for me to really get into this one, overall I still found this to be an enjoyable story with a good setting and an interesting main character.

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