Every MIME type, listed in one convenient table. Suffixes applicable, Media type and subtype(s).3dm, x-world/x-3dmf.3dmf, x-world/x-3dmf. MimeType – an actual MIME type holder – and tion. MimetypesFileTypeMap – class whose instance can resolve MIME type as String for a file. setDataHandler(new DataHandler(new ByteArrayDataSource(s, mimetype))); } catch At this point the datasource is actually a {@link ByteArrayDataSource}.

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Again, vanilla implementation of this the one that comes with JDK leaves a lot to be desired.

This will work, but is IMO a bad practice as it ties your code to a specific OS byteearraydatasource requires the external utility to be present at the system running it.

So, if you want to generalize, you’ll need to go beyond the built-in libraries, using, e. Your awesome library handled it properly. Yes, this works well.

Determine file type from file extension Since 1. The first gave me memory exceptions, the second doesn’t close its streams off properly. A major limitation with this is that the file must exist on the file system.


Java Examples for javax.mail.util.ByteArrayDataSource

It has some problems detecting XLSX if there’s no extension on filename Please note that MediaType. Worked for the simple, popular, and few file types I needed: Not every Java program is required to be portable.

The API definition provides for facilities that support either for determining file mime type from file name or from file content magic bytes. Example entries for png and js files would be: And for those needing to use this solution within Android, you can simply include the following in the build. Post as a guest Name. However, as suggested by the comment above, the built-in table of mime-types is quite limited, not including, for example, MSWord and PDF.


It was windows 7 or 8 probably with oracle JRE for java 7. It is, however, super simple to add any content type you may need:. Look the complete test code Java 7: The documentation of mime-util is not very clear about how to instantiate the utility class. Finally got it up and running, but replaced the classname string with the actual class.

I have had a problem with software working on ubuntu but failing on windows. For this particular case, I don’t need one yet. That is why probeContentType method throws IOException, in case an implementation of this API uses Path provided to it to actually try to open the file associated with it.


Jul 29 ’15 at Chris Mowforth 5, 2 16 In the real world, the one where you need TL,DR section, you should find the library with most stars next to it’s name and use it.

It doesn’t work for csv.

Java Examples for rayDataSource

It was not my system so I didn’t check the JRE or windows version. For exmaple if name is test. Look the complete test code Java To chip in with my 5 cents: I like to use standard facilities provided by JDK first, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll go and look for something else.

It increased the size of my jar by 54MB!!! Ofcourse its light too: So far I’ve tried two utils: If you are stuck with java then this utility class from servoy open source product.