CATIA – Digitized Shape Editor 2 (DSE) addresses digitalized data import, clean up, tessellation, cross sections, character line, shape and quality checking with. CATIA V5 Digitized Shape Editor is a powerful application used to read, import and process parts digitized to clouds of points. These clouds of points can then. Starting the Digitized Shape Editor Workbench · Importing a File · Meshing the Cloud of Points · Checking the Quality of the Mesh · Creating Curves · User Tasks .

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Creation of surfaces from the digitized data: By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

User can keep a sub-part of a digitized data defined by 3D box, by filtering the number of points or by cleaning up a part of the data. Obtaining the best quality meshes allows to drastically reduce the process duration.


The user can preview, scale, trim or change measuring units of the imported data. Intuitive customizable Windows native User Interface. Existing V4 clouds of points can be migrated to Version 5 as necessary. Real time quality checking: Imported data can be of different formats: Intuitive user interface and dynamic mouse-based surface manipulations help users to create surfaces and manipulate them.

Ease-of-use and high productivity: User can use specific command to manage display attribute, tune type of markers and apply shading on meshes. Data can be of different types – meshes, grids, scans and clouds divitized points. Creating curves for character lines definition: These curves can be smoothed by the user.

Digitized Shape Editor

digitizee Tessellating digitized data to get meshes meshes: These actions may be done with user-friendly function Activation command. This product takes place at the beginning of the Reverse Engineering cycle, just after the digitizing machines and before several processes covered thanks to the complementary use of other CATIA V5 applications from mechanical and freestyle surfaces design to direct manufacturing.


Without auto-intersection processing Creation of surfaces from the digitized data: Top of the range 3D mesher: A fully integrated Compass allowing a time-saving for elements positioning and manipulators orientation. User can create curves of digitized data using projections of curves, planar sections or 3D curves using zhape BSplines.

Mesh defects Non manifold edges, free edges,?

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Generate a thin offset on a Mesh: Address digitised data import, clean up, tessellation, cross sections, character line, shape and quality checking with real-time diagnosis. cattia