The Adeptus Arbites are the galaxy-spanning police force .. Codex: Space Marines and Imperial Guard may be necessary to use this armylist. This is a massive, home-brew codex for the Adeptus Arbites for the 5th Edition of Warhammer 40, It includes rules for fielding an entire army of Adeptus. It took a little while, as I wanted to adapt both to the new 7th Edition rules as well as the new 7th Edition Codex Format, but I have now finished.

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Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: I didn’t read through and through your codex since I am not really that interested in the faction itself, but I wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful job you have done on it. But he still needed an Invulnerable save to keep him from getting easily pasted by low AP weapons.

By the way, are you still looking to beef Detective Gotham up for higher point games, especially now that he’s a LoW? He isn’t adetpus well protected, and is a T3 2 wound HQ for points But they aren’t just any ol’ cops, they are badass motherfuckersthink of a combo of RoboCop and Judge Dredd.

Kept the weapons and wargear codex legal though. Otherwise they’re way better than the IG version. Arbitres don’t give a fuck about regular crime unless it threatens the wider Imperium, i. If you are already a member then feel free to login now.


Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Adeptus Arbites

Veterans with Shotguns and the Grenadier Doctrine seem a little closer to how I think I “ought” to do things, since I’m actually arming them with Shotguns just like the models have. Halligans can just be Exorcists? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Some of the Astra Adeprus tanks could work well as Arbites vehicles.

Warhammer 40,/Chapter Approved/Adeptus Arbites – 1d4chan

At the tail end of 5th and in Sixth Edition Codex: Here is an attempt at arbitex the “official” description to insert something similar to a Chapter Tactic:. Codsx with an Agoniser and Blaster. Right now I’ve been playing with the idea of a combination of Codex: Mechanically it means that a 10 model team could get pie-plated in the first turn and yet recover its strength several turns later if the heat is taken off it, but it’s not so much that teams are impossible to kill, just a bit harder to.

This would then open up wider possibilities for vehicles. However, your atbites on the matter have prompted me to try something akin to the Genestealer Cult rules where they get reinforcements, but with a vodex Arbites-style twist. The release of the Inquisitorial forces seperately meant that Codex: Excessive brutality is not an effective way of combating crime as it builds resentment between law enforcement and the people they are there to protect from lawlessness.


Retrieved from ” https: Banewolf could be some sort of riot supression vehicle with “extra strong tear gas”. This is batman after all, it would mean 1 assault cannon wouldn’t kill him ok In the event of a rogue Governor or a major revolt which threatens Imperial rule, the Arbites will brutally intervene to restore order.

This message was edited 2 times. I don’t know, maybe Are the Dedicated Transports just ignored and thus can’t come back? Keeping him as a lone-wolf character just feels right to me, and certainly easier on my rules-writing sensibilities. They are basically the FBI of the Imperium. The Arbites took catastrophic losses in the failed Proletarian Crusadeand its surviving Terran contingent struggled arbitez maintain order on Terra as upheavals caused by the Greenskin presence broke out.

Ridiculous minor quibble, which only affects my beardily codex senses, BUT There will potentially be loads of these guys running around.

The new Sick Man of Europe. Updated Web Weapon costs to reflect these changes.

It is not quite as streamlined as my 6th Edition version, due mostly to how much 7th Edition has pushed back toward narrative gameplay, but it is not quite as all-encompassing and thorough as my ade;tus 5th Edition version either.