This is the cover I painted for the “Codex Monstrorum,” a new rulebook for the Das Schwarz Auge: Myranor role playing game from. For Codex Monstrorum, many of the monsters Ulisses-Spiele asked me to design with no written description. They wrote the story after the. This is another creature I illustrated in for the Ulisses-Spiele RPG rulebook, Codex Monstrorum. Image is copyright , Ulisses-Spiele.

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It is most famous as the manuscript containing the unique copy of the epic poem Beowulf. In addition monetrorum this, it contains mosntrorum a fragment of The Life of Saint Christopherthen the more complete texts Wonders of the East and Letters of Alexander to Aristotle, and, after Beowulfa poetic translation of Judith.

Due to the fame of Beowulfthe Nowell codex is also sometimes known simply as the Beowulf manuscript. The manuscript is located within the British Library with the rest of the Cotton collection.

The current codex is a composite of at least two manuscripts. The main division is into two totally distinct books which were apparently not bound together until the 17th century.

[Fantasy art] Cover for Codex Monstrorum by mjaecks at Epilogue

The first of these, originally owned by Southwick Priory in Hampshiredates from the 12th century and contains four works of prose. It is the second, older manuscript that is more famous. This second manuscript is known as the Nowell codex, after the antiquarian Laurence Nowellwhose name is inscribed on its first page; he was monstroruk its owner in the midth century.

At some point it was combined with the first codex.

It was then acquired by Sir Robert Cotton. In his library, it was placed on the first shelf A as the 15th manuscript XV of the bookcase that had a bust of the Emperor Vitelliusgiving the collection its name. Recent editions have specified a probable date in the decade after The Nowell Codex was written in two monstrorim. The first extends from the beginning of the manuscript fol. Elliott Van Kirk Dobbie notes that although the scribes behind the two hands are contemporary, they differ markedly in appearance, the monstrroum hand appearing “to belong to an older school of insular writing than its companion hand.


The volume was heavily damaged in when a fire partially destroyed the Cotton library. While the volume itself survived, the edges of the pages were badly scorched; no serious attempt at restoration was made until the 19th century, by which time the margins had crumbled irreparably, and the edges of many pages are now illegible. Van Kirk Dobbie suggests the damage to the third of these pages was due to Beowulf being separated from Judith prior to the 17th century, fodex fol.

But he offers no explanation for the condition of the first two pages. The damage to the Nowell Codex can be overcome to different degrees. The three pages in bad shape mentioned above have been studied under ultraviolet light, and the resulting information has been published.

Cover for Codex Monstrorum by mjaecks

Two of these transcriptions, known as A and B, were made under the direction of the first editor of BeowulfGrimur Jonsson Thorkelin in the years after the Cottonian fire yet before the manuscript had deteriorated as far as it presently has. Transcript A was made by an unidentified professional copyist, while B was made by Thorkelin himself. A careful copy of the poem with only occasional ,onstrorum, Junius’ transcription preserves the text of the poem before it suffered fire damage.


The first codex contains four works of Old English prose: The second codex begins with three prose works: These are followed by Beowulfwhich takes up the bulk of the volume, and Juditha poetic retelling of part monstrourm the book of Judith. Great wear on the final page of Beowulf and other manuscript factors such as wormhole patterns indicate Judith was not originally the last part of the manuscript, though it is in the same hand as the later parts of Beowulf.

The somewhat eclectic contents of this codex have led to much critical debate over why these particular works were chosen for inclusion. One theory which has gained considerable currency is that the compiler s saw a thematic link: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wonders of the East

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Nowell Codex Beowulf Judith. Books Grendel Eaters of the Dead.