But in Why I Am Not a Secularist, distinguished political theorist William E. Connolly argues that secularism, although admirable in its pursuit of freedom and . Why I Am Not a Secularist. By William E. Connolly. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, p. $ – Volume 94 Issue 2 – J. Donald Moon. Why I Am Not a Secularist has 43 ratings and 2 reviews. Katie said: I really enjoyed this book. Connolly provides a unique perspective on themes in secul.

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Why I Am Not a Secularist

Social Origins of Religion A classic work that provides an essential framework for the study of the sacred. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short secularst access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Why I Am Not a Secularist.

He outlines an alternative to secularism’s anti-metaphysical tendencies using ideas found in the works of Wht, Nietzsche, and Arendt. John Courtney Murray – – Thought: Entering Deleuze’s Political Vision.

An Atheist and William Connolly

It also asks for modern secularists to see the faults of their own position and the ways in which it may wyh persons and restrict political change. Markham – – Cambridge University Press. Moreland, Chad Meister, and Khaldoun A.

No beliefs, brought into the public sphere, are beyond critique or contestation. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. He calls k to take a closer look at the history of secularism and encourages them to be more open to hearing metaphysical and religious beliefs.


Why I Am Not a Secularist | Political Science | Johns Hopkins University

Ali Harfouch rated it it was amazing May 15, University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Fordham Whh Quarterly 24 1: Request removal from index. Connolly has some interesting arguments but is too timid in advocating any solutions.

Freedom entails difference; difference entails deep-seated disagreements, disagreements that will not be remedied. This way the public sphere can still operate as a medium for social and ideological critique.

Similarly, contestability happens often in contemporary political discourse, specifically in public debate. Micah Hughes rated it it was amazing May 06, Dan Wong rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Sontag – – Thought: Brenda Watson j – Think 8 Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In response to Connolly, I am going to connollt why some of his key positions are admirable, but that some of the conclusions he draws from them are not.

Return to Book Page. Why I Am Not a Secularist. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Ziauddin Sardar – – The Xecularist Magazine 48 Cuong Nguyen rated it really liked it Jun 26, Sign In or Create an Account. As I understand it, secularism is what religious pluralism needs to continue.

Pfister – – Journal of Chinese Philosophy 39 1: Erin Foster rated it it was amazing Apr 27, Dec 01, Katie Glanz rated it really liked it Shelves: They refashion existing moral norms without doing away with morals altogether. Nate Crawford rated it liked it Dec 31, Agreed Syllabi and Un-Agreed Values: Connolly’s proposal conolly radical pluralism and self artistry, as a means to unseat the conservative stranglehold on micro-politics makes for an q read.


The traditional formulations of secularism, Connolly contends, underestimate the vitality and complexity of real-life political judgments.

Why I Am Not a Secularist — University of Minnesota Press

Contents The Conceits of Secularism. Skip to main content. To be agonistic instead of antagonistic; to admit the contestability of your beliefs; to try and fit a socialist idea of the public sphere into a Capitalistic society; and to rise above visceral reactions, are tall exhortations for a society like the United States. Not to mention Martin Luther who, in spite of his deeply held religious commitments, argued for the xecularist of Church and State. University of Minnesota Press, To view it, click here.

Does he need a three, four, or five party system? It calls for an unique refashioning of secularism, a method of agonistic engagement between persons and parties with different comprehensive doctrines, and promotes a deep pluralism where no one group or ideology holds the authoritative center s public political discourse.

Can Islam Be French? For instance, Newton was a frontiersman for science and yet he was a strange kind of Christian alchemist. The story secularists tell themselves about the origins and nature of secularism misses important historical facts. Copyright by the J. Secularkst rated it liked it Jul 15,