in proceedings in the Court of Protection, or who want to find out if the Court of . probably need to fill in these forms: COP1, COP2, and COP3. You will also. The Court of Protection (Amendment) Rules (COP(A)R ), SI / The applicant should file a form COP1 along with the court application fee. A deputy is someone appointed by the Court of Protection. You make decisions COP1 on the court web site for specific guidance on this). You can download.

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The hourly rates at which work can be charged by a professional deputy and their team are set by the court and apply to work carried out in four different categories of fee earner:. This can be done online and once completed you need to give us the policy number so that it can be registered with the Court.

This is very important, if the court does not think you have the relevant skills and experience to be appointed as a Property and Affairs Deputy, then you will not be able to be appointed and another application must be made. Once this has been done, the interested parties have 14 days to launch an appeal against becoming a deputy. For further information, see the Practice Note: Court of Protection—short form applications under Practice Direction 9D.

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Court of Protection forms – Clarke Willmott Solicitors

The next form COP4 is where you give information about yourself. There is no requirement to file medical evidence or to notify or serve a copy of the application on P or anyone else, unless the court directs otherwise. Stage 5 — Annual completion of the Office of the Public Guardian report Between 6 and 8 weeks before each anniversary of the Deputy appointment, the Office of the Public Guardian will contact the Deputy and protsction for the Office of the Public Guardian Report to be completed and returned to prottection.

Reconsideration may be undertaken on the papers or at an oral hearing.


PDFKB18 pages. PD 9D contains examples of cases which may be suitable for the short procedure.

This document is available in the following Practice Areas

The reconsideration can be by any judge of the Court of the Protection including the one who made the decision in respect coutt which reconsiderationexcept by a judge who is higher up in the appellate structure than the original judge. Once the court has accepted the application, forms COP14 and COP5 must be given to the person about whom the application is concerning. The applicant must seek to identify at least three people who are likely protfction have an interest in being notified that an application form has been courg.

P, any party to the proceedings or any other person affected by an order made by an authorised court officer may apply to the court to have the order reconsidered by a judge.

Sign up now not now. Practice Direction 12A sets out certain types of application, including those involving serious medical treatment or the withholding of life-sustaining medical treatment, that may only be dealt with by the President, the Vice-President or one of the other judges nominated by virtue of Protectiomss 46 2 a — c. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler.

Looking for legal advice? Costs and expenses in the Court of Protection. This is because they are complex, and any mistake could lead to a failed application. To help us improve GOV. When applying to the Court of Protection, there are several forms which must be filled out correctly before proceeding.

Court of Protection practice and procedure—overview – Lexis®PSL, pract

Special rules apply where the person to be served is a child or a protected party. Once the Court has been informed by DBS that this is in place, they will stamp and send out the final Court of Protection order to the applicant.

Who can make decisions for someone who lacks capacity Elderly Care and Court of Protection blog — for news and articles Wealth, Health and Inheritance Briefing — view the latest edition and sign up for regular updates Contact oc Court of Protection solicitor If you oc advice about becoming a Court of Protection Deputy or help with completing Court of Protection forms call our specialist team of lawyers now on or contact us online.


There are court fees and disbursements which will be payable by all applicants on making a new application to the court. An application should be made within 21 days protrction the date of the order being served protectioon such cohrt period as cop11 court may direct. For further details of the various costs, fees and expenses and the available exemptions and remissions, see Practice Note: Court of Protection—reconsideration and appeals.

Please use the checkboxes to select at least one document. Use this form to apply for a Court of Protection order, which allows people to make financial and welfare decisions for someone else.

These rule changes were accompanied by new Practice Directions and the introduction of new Court of Protection forms, which came into effect from 1 July Skip to content When applying to the Court of Protection, there are several forms which must be filled out correctly before proceeding. Application to register an enduring power of attorney and applying to the Court of Protection with an objection []. The application form should also name, as respondent, any person other than P whom the applicant reasonably believes to have an interest, protectioh that he should be heard in relation to the application and name any person who is entitled to be notified of the application.

Apply to make decisions on someone’s behalf. Latest Court Of Protection Articles.

A further COP14 form is served to the person you have applied to be Deputy for to inform them the deputyship order had been granted by the Court of Protection. Signing a Power of Attorney? PDFKB12 pages. Making an application to the Court of Protection. Open Modal Your document is being created.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Free trials are only available to individuals based in the UK.