In , open source projects in Coverity Scan were upgraded to the The Scan report details the analysis of Scan’s most active open. In our Scan report, Gartner estimated that by “, OSS will be Coverity Scan’s impact on open source software (OSS) is both extensive and largely . other software integrity techniques (such as software fuzzing, used to verify the. The Coverity Scan Open Source Integrity Report (registration necessary) says: “Open source quality is on par with proprietary code quality, particularly in.

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Developer testing specialist Coverity has released its Scan Open Source Integrity Reportwhich the company claims is the result of the largest public-private sector research project focused on open source software integrity, originally initiated between Coverity and the U.

Department of Homeland Security in and currently owned and managed by Coverity. The Siurce report details an analysis of the company has classified as the most active open source projects, totaling over 37 million lines of open source software code. In addition, the report details the results of over million lines of proprietary software code from a sample of anonymous users.

Key findings from the Scan report include the finding that the average open source project haslines of code.


The average defect covverity, or the number of defects per thousand lines of code, across open source projects in Scan is. Over million lines of code from 41 proprietary codebases of anonymous Coverity users were analyzed. The average proprietary codebase has 7. The average defect density for proprietary codebases of Coverity users is.

Open Source Integrity Report – 2011

Open source code quality is on par with proprietary code quality, particularly in cases where codebases are of similar size. For instance, Linux 2. According to Coverity, “Organizations that make a commitment to software quality by adopting development testing as a part of their development workflow, as illustrated by the open source and proprietary codebases analyzed, reap the benefits of high code quality and continue to see quality improvements over time.

We’ve seen customers waking up to this fact more recently. They are realizing that there are a range of great quality open alternatives out there.

Coverity: Open Source Code Quality On Par with Proprietary

Some of these are pure open source projects and some are built on open core platforms. In short, buyers are wising up to the scare tactics used by established vendors and now understand that many open source-based offerings are of equal or better quality, for a fraction of the price,” said James Peel, product manager, Opsview. What Do We Need to Test? Coding Tools Jolt Awards The Best Utilities Jolt Awards: Single tags These tags can be used alone and don’t need an ending tag.


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Coverity: Open Source Code Quality On Par with Proprietary | Dr Dobb’s

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