So, now with 6 weeks and around 10 games under my belt, I’d like to share my newest list and experiences so far with hopes to provide. : Warhammer 40, Codex: Craftworld Eldar (): Gavin Thorpe, David Gallagher, etc.: Books. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however.

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However, in some cases there are some tricks to make achieving them easier.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

Used at the beginning of the game but before the first player turn has begun. Hemlocks are powerful fliers even without the added durability, S12 auto-hitting shots will make short work of MEQs, Monsters and Tanks alike, though the limited number of shots launched per turn makes it less effective against horde-based armies directly.

Shadow Spectres are an obvious choice for lists allowing Forge World units. All of them buff their own aspect in some fashion three of them provide re-rolling of 1s to hit; as a result, Fuegan and Maugan Ra don’t buff their Exarchs. Do note that using this tactic offensively will likely only work once or twice against most people, and even then you shouldn’t base your core strategy around it.

Depending on whether or not you’re going MSU with the Banshees, a standard 5-Banshee squad can appreciate having a 5-Dire Avenger squad tag along inside the Wave Serpent as a screening unit of sorts to give them a bit of cover fire.

This opens up a few additional stratagems and perks exclusive to units with these keywords that they can take advantage of alongside all the other Craftworld standard fare.

Not much will be left standing after that.

Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions appreciate the extra protection Alaitoc provides, though other craftworlds particularly Biel-Tan and Saim-Hann offer better perks that they can utilize much more effectively.

They’re also a very flexible unit at a reasonable price tag; they can bring Shuricannons and Flamers for anti-infantry roles, or can slap on AMLs or Bright Lances to deal with enemy monsters or vehicles.

This page was last modified on 31 Decemberat The premiere tank of the Craftworlds, Wave Serpents outclass Falcons as durable transports that offer no small amount of firepower for considerably less cost than any other grav tank that you can field. Many units have access to the five iconic Eldar Heavy Weapons. Regardless, Corsairs offer a much more flexible way to play your eldar factions, and practically encourage you to go wild with conversions to really make your dudes Alternatively, Dire Avengers are well rounded troop choices.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Most of their loadout selection can be found between these two factions:. While it’s not a bad idea, you do end up paying a premium for the wraithlord’s statline and melee capabilities while keeping it where it isn’t as likely to make use of those attributes.

Note that for 70 points, you can field a Bonesinger to do the same job, but that has its own downsides, like the need for the Bonesinger to keep up with what it’s healing. Ulthwe does this better, but Iyanden also doesn’t fear the return fire as much.

Codex Craftworlds After 6 Weeks : Eldar

Swooping Hawks enjoy extra move actions for Grenade Pack trolling, and 80 shots in one turn is still 80 fucking shots in one turn. Howling Banshees are good for clearing up hordes and tying up enemies in melee combat, while Striking Scorpions are better at dealing with MEQ targets and are more suited for backline assaults compared to your other choices. Runes of Fate T1 Doom — Yes yes and more yes every game no question. Ghost Sword Wraithblades or Wraithguard with Shimmershields?

This rule mean that now Eldar flyers can potentially fly between 2 points all the time, good luck positioning your Crimson Hunters in a 6″ bubble near Asurmen.

Not only do you need a Ynnari Special Character as a Warlord, but she is also the cheapest way to access the potent Word of the Phoenix psychic power. A perfect pick for all the Coeex Spectres you’re inevitably going to field is Irillythas while he cannot abuse Alaitoc’s attribute the way his aspect warriors can, he gives all Spectres an 18″ fear bubble that can make fldar Morale phase for your opponent just as dangerous as your shooting phase.

Whatever your Aspect Warriors can do, your Autarch can do slightly better while supplementing their specialized skills. When a target is selected for a Fire Prism’s Prism Cannon, do not resolve the hit until the end of the eldaar. Wraithseers are very potent candidates to be your Warlord, as Iyanden’s perk keeps them in peak form until it’s all the way down to 3 wounds remaining from their original Additionally, as each soulburst can only trigger once per turn, only on your turn, taking full advantage of SfD requires considerably more planning and preparation, where only parts of your army can ever benefit from the Reborn Detachment trade-off.

Usefulness may vary, though if you have the CP to spare and do have cradtworld significant unit investment in your Specialist Detachment, this can definitely help maximize your unit synergy. Cast any non-Quicken buffs on the Spears, then Quicken them. Despite how durable wraith units are, they don’t appreciate having to slowly slog it across the field with either melee or flamer-range weapons while your opponent lights them up with all manner of heavy firepower from half a table away.


Dark Reapers only have the Shoot action as a viable Soulburst action but that is all they need to fire two barrages of insanely accurate rape across the board. But from a survivability perspective Alaitoc has a huge upfront bonus. All the other Phoenix Lords offer particularly powerful perks, though they’re all limited specifically to their respective Aspect Warriors and should probably only be used if you plan on focusing on them.

Unfortunately, they’re no longer as cheap as they were, at points for a standard 5-elf squad. The worst is knowing the simple fact that infantry in general are far more reasonably priced and can do do their jobs better and more efficiently than that titan that cost you points to field and your left kidney to purchase. The Warlocks can also try to join the fray with their Witchblades, though MEQ targets and above can usually shake off their attacks using their standard saves.

Warlocks and Spiritseers love getting the chance to shake off the odd Mortal Wound they may pick up from the stray Perils that occasionally crop up in Psyker-heavy detachments as well. Without an Invulnerable save I’ve found them nearly useless and I can never spare the psy support to get them across the table alive. Given everything is cheaper across the board this is not a bad thing but you do need to make what version you are using very clear on your list.


You cannot use both Cloud Strike and Webway Strike in the same game, you have to choose one or the other. Spirit Shield 2 CP: Your ad here, right now: Guardian Defenders are a good secondary choice; while they can’t contribute much firepower outside that 12″ the Alaitoc attribute needs to stay effective, they can still plant a lot of bodies on an objective and can be a pain to clear off if utilizing the Celestial Shield stratagem and Protect psychic power.

Used at the start of your turn. This adds the Ynnari tag to everything in the same Detachment as them. On some Striking Scorpions in combat? Unparalleled Mastery 1 CP: Not really cost efficient, but really fun to pull off.