Crossing the Rubicon has ratings and 55 reviews. Michael Ruppert was fully conscious that 9/11 was aided and abetted by insiders in our government on . Michael Craig Ruppert (February 3, – April 13, ) was an American writer and Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, published in September Crossing. Michael Ruppert page. Crossing the Rubicon – The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. Authors page. Home Page.

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In the end, I’m a scientist, and we never prove anything–only disprove something.

Crossing the Rubicon

War Prayer Peace movements quotes: After leaving CollapseNet, Ruppert moved to Crestone, Colorado and pursued Native American and indigenous teachings adopting the name “Tracker of Truth” and started putting more time into music, recording with the band New White Trashdescribed as a “downtempo acoustic rock outfit”. Jan 26, Colby rated it really liked it.

It attracted 22, subscribers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His unflinching reporting on the facts behind the coming decline of global petroleum has been an extraordinary service to the world. The most I am willing to even humor as a possibility-a very slim one in my head mind you-is that perhaps some among them knew and let them happen-but once again I don’t really even believe that. Though this is an older book published in and not quite current current events, the rampant militarism, full fledged assault on labor and reproductive rights, rolling back of social programs in favor of corporate welfare, and the limiting of the 1st Amendment makes me feel that perhaps portions of this book should have been listened to.

Most of the major media bought copies of Crossing the Rubicon, but none dared to review the book, not even to attack michasl. Critic David Corn argued that Ruppert on occasion veered off into making unsubstantiated conspiracy theory claims [36] and has criticized Ruppert’s methodology, dismissing the idea that conspiracy theorizing is useful: It’s not as “readable” as some of David Ray Griffin’s work, but the research and reliability of the research is exceptional.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I have no intention to undermine Michael Ruppert’s work. And a mass planting operation took place such that 1 year after the invasion, Afghan opium production hit an all rubickn high.

All folk of religion must have the courage to expose the agendas that use ‘religion’ as a guise, be these agendas in the name of ‘Islamic resurgence’ or ‘Securing the Jewish State. I think he believes what he says.

Crossing the Rubicon

Mike has traveled and studied the Peak Oil issue with world renowned experts, and he and I share an abiding shock at the rampant despoilment of our planet, through fake stoked resource wars that have real consequences in real lives. But if you want to be challenged, and to critically think, I highly recommend you dive into Crossing the Rubicon with an open mind. But knowledge can do that to you. After running during his police career into conflicts with the drug dealing part of the CIA, Mike knows that government information seldom equals its disinformation.

Washington sources later told Mike that Deutch’s mishandling of the encounter cost him a guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense.

One year teh the US lead invasion of Afganistan, many Afghan warlords who were major players in the opium trade had been released from the jailcells where the Taliban had put them, and were put to work for crosisng US forces as ‘liasons’.

In he announced on his Lifeboat Hour radio show that he was relocating to Sonoma County, Californiabecause he thought that it would be a safer location in the event of societal collapse. Ruppert Matthew Simmons Richard C. Its density of idea and concept in concert rubicob its expert vocabulary make this one tough to read. I got the term rubjcon the Rubicon” from the fact that in 49BC Julius Caesar having just won a battle in northern Italy took his legions and crossed a stream called the Rubicon, and under the Constitution of the Roman Republic the military was forbidden from entering the capital city, but as soon as Julius Caesar took his legions into Rome the Roman Republic died and the Roman Empire was born.

Michael Ruppert – Wikipedia

I have two answers. This also extended to all of the conflicting and overlapping NORAD drills — some involving hijack simulations — taking place on that day. Conspiracy theories work much the same way. It is my hope that by continuing to repeat ruppsrt sincere position that many of the inexplicable difficulties which have dominated my life over the past months will ease.


Rupert’s was one of the first books to question 9. It’s certainly the only coherent argument for why we invaded Afghanistan that I’ve ever heard. Mike still has the instincts of a cop which he once wasbut the criminals he rugicon tracking these days are ruppet small-time hoodlums; they are some of the most powerful people on the planet. Peak Uranium depleted uranium nuclear police state thermonuclear fusion nuclear war.

First, it is not cost-effective, and the response would cause more problems than it would solve. Michael Ruppert has been ruppery disconcerting but critical questions for more than two decades, even when it meant confronting unpleasant truths that challenge the very basis of industrial society.

Michael himself is an alarmist, and constantly seems crossong edge. Ruppert died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

I’m not quite sure that this book is really worth the massive amount of time it took to read other than the secondary sources he sites. A monster of a book a little over pages. Reasons for the closure were detailed in the article. I felt like a sixth grader trying to read this book.

Bush’s blood brother Skull vs. Fasten your thinking caps!

And the suggestion was thus, the Taliban when they came into power brought an end to the planting of Opium poppies througho Well this is an epic page tome. The following statement was posted on the From The Wilderness website on November 26, It gives rise to a notion, that the filmstrip of American presidents that lines the wall above the board in many school classrooms needs yet, another decker above it one for the literatu An ambitious book and one to read.