DA PAM 611-21 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Enlisted MOS Specifications DA Pam , Chapter Note: Links are to the official milSuite site; CAC login requried. DA PAM – Military Occupational Classification and Structure. This new Department of the Army pamphlet– o Consolidates AR

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If the spouse has a family care plan it applies to the applicant as well FCP should be updated. AR only provides for one type of exception to policy.

Coordination with parents, teachers, and counselors to keep students in school through graduation is desirable and consistent with the DA policy. This option requires the applicant to remain assigned to the Selected Reserve for a period of three years before being transferred to the IRR for the remaining five years.

Documents used to verify eligibility include the following:. Security Assistants will interview all applicants requiring a clearance that claim dual citizenship. A guidance counselor, education va, operations NCO, first sergeant, commissioned officer, or equivalent contracted personnel assigned to the ARNG must verify documents. All Tier 1 education high school diploma producing programs must be verified using the force structure, address, and zip code realignment school database.

A US Passport Book or Card that was originally issued for 5 or more years to the applicant does not have to be current 61-121, can be used to verify US citizenship for applicants that were naturalized either on their own, derived it from their parents naturalization or derived because they were adopted at a young age by US parent s. Enlistment ds not authorized if either parent objects. No retroactive adjustment is authorized and each applicant will be advised that ppam to produce documents before enlistment or after time frames above will cause them to forfeit entitlement to this incentive.


Applicant still needs a spouse waiver.

Social Security Number a. The telephonic or email verification for ARNG enlistment must include name of applicant, date of birth, name of school, school address, school phone number, date of graduation, name and title of individual providing verification, and the name and title of individual conducting verification.

Unless the Secretary of the Army has invoked the authority to create an exception to 10 USCforeign nationals must have proof of permanent residence including conditional permanent residence in order to enlist. However, no other education evaluation publication will be used to qualify under this regulation.

Semester hours or quarter hours earned through college test programs may be used for advanced promotion, but may not be used for enlistment purposes. No Splitting points for applicants who do not meet the minimum aptitude area line score requirements for the MOS in which enlisting.

The recruiter will verify all entries, as well as supporting documents used to verify occasions when only one signature is authorized, and annotate this verification on the DD Form Exceptions are shown in paragraph or when the applicant qualifies to enter in a higher entry pay grade as outlined under the ACASP. Card must be original and legible.

DA PAM 611-21 online | Army Study Guide

Unit commanders for ARNG RSP, upon verification that a Soldier is authorized the advance promotion under this paragraph, will promote the Soldier, citing this paragraph as the authority. Applicant signature on this memorandum provides their intent that they are “willing to renounce their foreign citizenship”.

This directive provides new guidance on waivers for appointment and enlistment.

If the Secretary of the Army has exercised this authority, guidance on requirements will be available from the DCS, G Advanced promotion is authorized if college or university provides a letter stating the applicant has met all requirements for a degree, but it will not be awarded until commencement ceremony.


The following countries, territories, and nations are exempt from the evaluation requirement, and their education documents will be treated in the same manner as those from any U. Visitation or joint decision rights with the respect to education, medical procedures, or other parental decisions, other than actual physical custody, are not considered as requiring joint physical custody.

Requires ASO suitability approval. Applicants who are 17 years of age have not reached their 18th birthday require parental or guardian consent for enlistment through completion of appropriate sections of DD Form Record of Military Processing-Armed Forces of the United States.

New Jersey Army National Guard – NPS / GNPS

Additionally, a minimum of six years must be served in the Selected Reserve. If the links provided do not work for you, go to the APD website at the following link and use the search function to look for the new edition. Federal law prohibits delays beyond 24 months. The promotion will be for the grade the Soldier is qualified for at the time of enlistment.

USCIS Form I card holders are eligible for enlistment, provided their pqm is valid for 6 months after scheduled accession date onto AD for initial training. However, one parental signature is acceptable if the other parent 611–21 deemed incapacitated, or absent at an unknown location for an indefinite period.