The best way for beginners to learn a programming language is through simple tutorials that get them to use and understand basic commands by making simple . DarkBASIC Professional Tutorials We proudly present our first batch of tutorials for DarkBASIC. It is essentially a wealth of DarkBASIC Professional tutorial videos. The three series’ highlighted here concentrate on basic commands.

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Christmas is the season of goodwill, merriment and I love Christmas, it is mandatory in our household and a necessary trait to survive to the end of the year. Fortunately I have planned ahead, as things are already starting to fall apart. The games I ordered online in early November have not arrived, or are out of stock.

Remember that although retailers promise fast turnaround, they cannot chase lost orders with the UK Post Office for 21 days. On December 1st, I can ensure my games get sent out again in time for Christmas.

Being well prepared, I have bought the family presents. Despite missing out on this little bonus, overall I am more content that I am well prepared and able to enjoy the festive season. If you are thinking of buying from The Game Creators, or getting somebody to buy for you, bear my experiences in mind.

Many of our products are downloadable, which gives you a little more time but make sure you get your order in before the rush! When all else fails Game Creator Store points are the perfect solution, allowing the recipient to order what they want, when they want, stress free.

Taking a few minutes out to relax, we have another bumper newsletter. If like many of our readers you look forward to the tutorials, watch out for the massive trueSpace tutorial from Vickie Eagle, the huge CharacterFX lesson from Andrew Vanbeck, and the incredible volume of video tutorials from Daniel Foreman. The introduction of variables and decision-making are amongst the areas covered. Tutorial – Random Number Game. Keyboard Input – Section 1.

Keyboard Input – Section 2. Keyboard Input – Section 3. This third series of videos works with TreeMagic G3 to build an entire forest. Again, it starts with the absolute basics, detailing the installation and setup of G3 before going on to create the trees and finally write the code that will produce a full forest that you can fly around.

Dark Basic Pro Open Source – TheGameCreators

The video opposite shows the final result, the lessons that lead to this are listed below:. Find out how to produce anything from a simple guessing game to a two-player, animated sprite space game. Use 3D positional sound and video. Create games that use the mouse or a joystick. Fundamental software design and implementation is also covered. Find out how to design and create modular programs, how to create test data and construct software using bottom-up and top-down methods.

Use arrays, files, and record structures. The hands-on approach used throughout the book means that most of your time is spent at the computer creating programs.

The numerous examples and exercises with solutions included lead you through both the basics and subtleties of the language. There are several complete games for you to study and modify. Volume 2 takes it to the next stage offering an in-depth look at all of the 3D related command sets. As with its predecessor this book is truly massive in both scope and in size. There are over large-format pages the book measures As industry insiders are well aware, 3D Entertainment has earned a coveted place in the film, video gaming and home entertainment markets.

You can find out more about just how seriously the industry is taking 3D as the future at the 3D Entertainment Summit website.


It goes without saying that the first message we need to convey regarding Facebook is: In development terms this would amount to an incredible amount of features and the ability to promotoe Social Arcade and make it the success it deserves to be.

Back in the development lab, Dave Milton has incorporated a vast array of new features and game-types since we last updated you, including:. Watch out for the soon-to-be-released racing genre, allowing you to build tracks and race against friends in challenge mode.

DarkBASIC Programming

Record your best time, and then profesional your mates compete against a ghost car representing your lap. The Cartoon Fantasy Pack contains everything you need to make a colourful and vibrant cartoon style fantasy setting. If you love medieval games, and have a passion for cartoon-styled games, this pack is for you.

All you need is a little imagination and in minutes you will be putting together a fun world full of characters. Imagine a small fantasy village where townsfolk are going about their everyday lives, when minutes later, a band of goblins invade the village. Small changes are made to The Game Creator Store often, seamlessly through the online delivery of the content.

For example, have you noticed that the main page now has a featured artist? You can view the work of a different artist by logging in each day. Plans are afoot to deliver the next version of The Game Creator Store in the new year. Tutoriao will be carried out through December around a number of new features:. Each month the Game Creator Store grows as our approved artists upload their latest offerings. Start up your store through FPS Creator or the standalone version to see these and many more.

Making scenes look natural is a challenge. Items such as this pylon add realism through subtle additions to the scene. A simple well with roof over the top.

Plenty of texture detail including climbing moss make this a beauifully crafted addition to a suitable scene. This is a small reminder that you still have plenty of time to enter, and there are lots of prizes up for grabs:.

Puzzle Something, such as a game, toy, or problem, that requires ingenuity and often persistence in solving or assembling. Your FPS Creator game for this competition must be in the form of a puzzle, or series of puzzles, across 5 rooms. In each room, there must be a puzzle to solve, which allows access to the next one. The competition starts November 1st and will end 31 December There are a few rules that will apply as outlined here, full rules are in the forum thread.

Yes folks, clear your Xmas schedule because this is going to be a biggie! NET is now available to pre-order. The new version contains many improvements, including:. A whole new world of possibilities can be opened up by combining the features that both Visual Basic. Go to the DarkGDK. This licensing fee gives you the freedom to sell the games and applications you make. Again, this great deal provides the pdofessional licenses required darkbaasic sell your games.

There has been significant interest progessional The Game Creators of late from many different angles. Some of the questions and answers that have materialised are presented here, giving you a deeper insight into The Game Creators, and more specifically Lee Bamber himself. My uncle got me into computers, and making computer games.

I was nine years old at the time and I called him Mad Malc, probably on account of him trying to make a game inside 3 Kilobytes of memory! I used to visit and play on his extremely expensive computer this was over two decades agoand this naturally led onto wanting to play more games than actually existed. It did not take darkabsic long before I started profedsional games, and then the tools to make the levels of those games, and then more tools to create other darkbaskc of the game and so on, for the next twenty odd years to where I am now.


I professioonal needed the interest to hold long enough to make something cool happen on the screen, and then if you’re lucky, you get hooked. By the time I started college and then uni, I pretty much knew all I needed to make games and tools. The academics was just icing on the cake, and gave me a more professional edge. Salary depends on where you work in the world and what your job description is.

Games coding commands the best starting salaries, but producers get the most longer term and the industry is such that you can learn one while working as the other. I started by writing games and tools in my spare time, and then attended five years of college and a tiny bit of university, then put all the games I had made up to that point on a CV and used it to get a job working for a Software Publisher Europress- Rick actually interviewed Lee for the job at the time – Ed.

I worked there for five years, and then moved onto some contract work and finally set up what was to become The Game Creators in Lee then interviewed Rick! I haven’t looked back. Whether programming is interesting entirely depends on when you ask the question.

One day it’s the best job in the world and you’re on cloud nine, and another day you are questioning the wisdom of switching the computer on in the first place.

The latter is usually as a result of an unscheduled operating system crash, and subsequent loss of a month’s work. On the whole, and taking the last ten thousand days into account, I would say it is more interesting than not, and three times better than any other job I would care to do.

The company I incorporated to sell this product was called Dark Basic Software Ltd, which was later renamed to The Game Creators because each time we introduced ourselves people would think we were part of some evil cult. My career is what I would happily describe as stable. I am almost exactly where I would have myself be.

Maybe I would choose a bigger house and a helicopter to play with, but career-wise it’s just right. Having been employed as a dish washer, mucking out waste tanks, peeling onions and a few other side jobs, I am quite happy to find myself with a job that lets me drink tea, do a little coding and explore that wonderful universe I call the imagination. I dare I will still be creating and maintaining game creation tools.

Thanks to a great team, and an amazing community behind us, I see no reason why The Game Creators cannot continue to build on profeasional successes of the past, and innovate new solutions as the technology changes around us. I would have to say that programming is hard and repetitive. Make no illusions about the fact that as you climb the ladders of development, the rungs are sometimes very hard, and sometimes impossible to grasp.

Not that hard is a negative. What you might call hard and difficult, I would call formidable and challenging. What you might consider repetitive and boring, Profesxional would call the application of proven methods to achieve my goals quickly and efficiently.

In both respects, the job is hard and repetitive, and it is also easy, and constantly changing too.