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But our desire for moksha is not there and esire the other three purusharthas only.

That sysl embodies some of the most beautiful concepts of relations between man and God. Though the word ‘ Divya Deham ‘ meaning ne body daha take in all the five forms enumerated above, th ence to the Divya deha of Anjanaachala-Indu Moon of Tim i shows that Desika is specially thinking of tbeArcha Vigrahaa; le Lord which by way of upalakshana will indicate the othe; forms also. We will illustrate the ten essential meanings of Daya Satakam in the subsequent sections as revealed by Srirama Desikaacchaar Swamy in the tradition of his Achaarya, Navaneetham Krishnamaacchaar Swamy of Oppiliappan Koil.

Others say that the Lord will infuse into the prapanr a thought of “Him during the last moments and thereby ratisl that condition for the attainment of mukti. It is up to us therefore to approach her and obtain those benefits. In that pond, the naabhi kamalam Navel lotus stands up distinctly.

Thus the Shastras are referre sataksm as a Lamp.

In ipameya, Daya is herself the milk ocean. The roopa of Ksheerctbdhinaatha, reclining on Adisesha in the middle of the milk-ocean, and the twelve forms. The stakam and the measure in which He does so is tt me of several later slokao.


‎Sri Vedanta Desikar Daya Satakam by R. Vedavalli on Apple Music

So in this sloka Desika pays his respects to him and in doing so refers very nicely to the threefold greatness that is Vishvaksenaa’s. Mus ihaya signifies sipping from one’s own fist or palm and swallo in one gulp, as Sage Agasthya did with the seven seas. First, You encourage them to perform Prapatthi at the sacred feet of your Lord and make them eligible to gain Moksha Sataka.

With her help we are sure of crossing that ocean. This Feature of Daya Devi is pictured here by referring to jsio5 as Daya’s food by which her Mrnger gets appeased. You are like the river in that You drench all janthus with Your love flowing like an undrying stream.

Indhriyas should be keen and unimpaired. The words nitya-mukta- satamam means eternally combined with pearls. All that enjoyment is compressed by Desika into the one beautiful phrase Navya Nceloptalaabhaa. We have in Vedanta Desika a most remark combination of a supreme bhaktha, a profound scl and a poet of the first rank.

You shower Your blessings on those, who have conquered their desires and are filled with VairAgyam mrudhitha-kaama hithE! He is going to wind up this Stotra by praying to Daya Devi to confer on him mokshananda here itself. He has no attributes either; He merely is. Desika in this sloka says with a great sense of thankfulness that while he had swooned away under the vast load of hu sins, Daya took pity on him and restored him to consciousness. It is only if I know myself properly that I can find out what is good and what is bad.

Daya Satakam Of Vedanta Desika

satakan In other words not only must he be clever and capa DAYAA SATAKAM 45 ie matter of proper adjudication, but he must be powerful gh to effectuate and carry out his own decrees and dictates, kvords phala-vitarana-daksham refer to these aspects. The manner and the measure in which He does so is th theme of several later slokao.


It is much easier and safer to bathe i the waters of running streams than to bathe in a deep and larj lake or reservoir. Knowledgeable people thus have no doubt about Your fair treatment of them in a consistent and fair manner Such is your Vaibhavam!

Daya is- here described as nirdaya. The utpreksha poetical fancy is that the Hill is real a form of tfeJLorcfs Daya, even as sugar is a form of sugarcai juice.

More by R. Vedavalli

If the chEthanam does not have the benefit of Your merciful glances, it will never attain Moksham, even if it has the best of credentials. Its flow touches both the banks in its eagerness to enrich the lives of the people. Nammalwar in one place says that power and position pertaining to high places in this world or the next, will not be cared for by great persons who have inordinate love towards the Lord’s feet. This sloka describes Dayadevi as starting out in all glory in response, as it were, to the poet’s desire to praise her, expressed iitMie previous verse.

Lord Sreenivasa who bears permanent and spontaneous love towards you who always think of the welfare and well-being of others, displays great regard toward.