Sources: Dealogic; Preqin . Bain Capital filed for an IPO in June, but then Symantec agreed to buy Blue Coat for $ billion after seeing value in combining. warehouses that can stock product and deliver directly to consumers. .. Source: Dealogic as of January M&A Deal Transportation Statistics. Jan on the global stock markets as well as profitable Source: Capital IQ, Thomson , Dealogic, Merger Market, press research, Lazard, Roland Berger. Strategy &.

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FT offers will probably be honored, but the layoff risk remains in general. UBS needs to adopt a philosophical change in strategy. Check out the “Shareholder Report on Subprime Losses” – absolutely the most disclosure you will find anywhere on how all aspects of the business have been negatively impacted, and a good primer on how a bank actually operates for college students who want to get in to the business.

However, the phrasing in the article seem to point to an unwinding and dismantling over a sale. The long term question is more relevant, in my opinion, for private equity and hedge funds, which have sprouted like wildfire in cealogic light of easy debt foletype.

The few analysts that haven’t made it through the massive layoffs at my bank were all able to find better jobs within two months. The sad thing is in some groups nothing has changed, i.

UBS Investment Bank Status Report | Wall Street Oasis

So say you typically hire summers, with the idea that you’ll give offers to 60, hit on half and get a person head start on recruiting. Hoping Wells Fargo will overtake them as a BB in the near future. Put on your economist hat.


It’s not to improve yields – in fact, in many ways it increases your risk profile for losing a summer because the summer experience enhances their ability stafistics trade up during FT recruiting.

Investment Banking Interview Brainteasers. But you are going to get onto Wall Street, learn the basics, hopefully have some marketable experiences and be positioned for the economic recovery whenever that may be.

Are people leaving now and do analysts have good filetpye ops? Or would you try to join a top team? If you are really paranoid, sure, go shop around The bank that really concerns me is Citi.

Seminole County Florida

Reality hits you hard, bro Wouldn’t the whole situation we are currently in dea,ogic been called “a bit apocalyptic” in ? Why are they getting killed so bad on the IBD side of things so much worse than everyone else – are people just no longer giving them deals?

It’s not finished yet but its on its last legs. I think it is the uncertainty that will really hurt retention. Cut ipi 16, to 16, within five years?

See you on the other side! That’s an interesting point from Genghis, and one I somewhat agree with. As you can see from the change in market sentiment from July of last year versus Filetjpe, or January of this year versus now, a lot can change in a very short period.

UBS Investment Bank Status Report

I agree its the uncertainity that causes the most harm. Depends on what part of UBS you are in. For instance in this article http: I’ve heard people say “we’re cheap”, “they would love to have us in other groups”, “we’re an investment”, etc. Laying off analysts is still a last resort, as the cost savings is minimal. Investment Banking Interview Questions.


Bailed out by the Swiss during the banking crisis, UBS was able to report that customers were once again depositing their savings. Would try to move to another bank? I wonder what it means for those guys.

Seminole County Florida

Is this a good move for UBS? On top of that, you have the 2bn losses of one trader. They talked about job cuts, and the number was around 1, in the IB but it was stated that this was from last year to now In the long run, I’m not so sure that a spinoff of the investment bank would really be that terrible a sale would be a different story of course if they had good leadership at the new bank As far as where cuts may be made within IBD he also states “it will be important not to allow the concentrated failure by a relatively small group of senior management and traders pursuing a single proprietary trading strategy to result in a general retreat from risk, with negative consequences for the investment banking client-focused franchise and retention of talent”.

FT analysts are more safe if they have direct offers into their groups as opposed to going through a placement process when they arrive for training. As far as the content goes, it put things into perspective for me.

So now, the talk is about how banks can’t stand the volatility, and may exit or separate their IB business. They are fully ‘client focused’ now! Nice scoop – thanks for sharing.