DECRETO 4803 DE 2011 PDF

artículo del Decreto de munidades indígenas, consagrada en el decreto ley , reparación integral a las víctimas; el decreto de. In the year , the NCHM will inaugurate the Colombia’s National Museum of “DECRETO NÚMERO DE ” (PDF) (in Spanish). CNDH National Human Rights Commission (Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos) . to ; the number increased to 4, complaints in the to period. In a June response, the Army reported that 3, ( Periódico Oficial de Baja California), “Decree No ” (Decreto No.

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Obligations of the asylum seekers Article 5: And the EU should direct a meaningful portion of its assistance and advocacy efforts towards achieving these goals, including both carrots should they be met and sticks should they not.

Federal and state prosecutors should initiate investigations ex officio when they believe security forces have delayed the transfer of detainees. When he said no, two soldiers stepped out of the vehicle and forced him into the back seat. So too have various state commissions carried out thorough investigations into some cases of human rights violations, such as those from Guerrero and Chihuahua cited in this report.

They have used public displays of violence—from depositing severed heads in town squares to hanging mutilated bodies from overpasses—to sow terror, not only among their rivals, but also within the general population.

In several cases, Human Rights Watch found evidence that justice officials conspired with security forces in fabricating false confessions from suspects. Arzate says he was blindfolded and taken to a place where he was told to take off his clothes and lie face down he would later discover that the place to which he was taken was a military base.

However in practice they are invoked as the basis to detain people with little to no connection to such factual context. And it means ensuring that steps are taken to change practices as well as laws, such as by scaling up the training of judges, prosecutors, public defenders, judicial investigative police, and other key officials, as well as by doing more to raise awareness among the public as to how the 48803 system works.

Arzate was not present at fe February 10 hearing and was thus arraigned in his absence.

Neither Rights Nor Security

To the contrary, the evidence in several of the cases we researched strongly suggests that authorities erred in targeting these particular individuals. As a result, authorities are not held accountable, and continue to use such abusive tactics. Sign everything that is given to you and nobody is going to do anything to you. The victims, who say they were forced to confess to crimes under torture and death threats, were subjected to arraigo detention and eventually charged with crimes including kidnapping and organized crime.


National Center for Historical Memory

Implementation of national legislation Article The two victims and five witnesses provided a starkly dcreto account of events in a hearing on February The pattern of abuse across these cases strongly suggests that the incidents described were not isolated acts, but rather a practice followed by law enforcement officials before handing detainees over to prosecutors, who official police reports obtained by Human Rights Watch showed had carried out the arrests. Asylum application Article More than two years after their arrests, despite significant inconsistencies 201 gaps in official accounts—such as the fact that one of the accused was not in Mexico at the time the alleged kidnapping took place—they are still in prison awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, the secretaries of the Army and the Navy, the director of the Federal Police, as well as state and municipal police chiefs should issue directives instructing officers under their command to immediately transfer detainees to civilian prosecutors, and state unequivocally that under no circumstances should detainees be held or interrogated on military bases or in police stations.

The mother of two of the victims—herself a nurse—visited them on June 20 and said they exhibited a range of injuries. Yet Federal and state justice officials rarely follow it. The injuries are not life endangering.

Conditions for granting Greek Nationality to foreigners and their children Article Torture is for idiots. These requirements include investigating and prosecuting military and police officers accused of committing abuses against civilians in the civilian justice system; improving police transparency and accountability; and prohibiting the use of testimony obtained through torture or other ill-treatment.

Article 30 regulates the disease benefits in kind for unemployed and underemployed persons or persons who no longer enjoy an insurance dd due to debts to insurance carriers.


Three investigative judicial police officers were arrested in June in Mexicali, Baja California, and transported by municipal police to an Army base in Tijuana where they were subjected to beatings, asphyxiation, and death threats to force them to sign confessions that they had collaborated with drug cartels. When they act at all, prosecutors too often classify acts of torture as less serious offenses. This time, according to various witnesses, one of the officers grabbed him by the neck, and several others began to hit him in the chest and back with the butts of their rifles.


The most effective way to address the serious human rights violations documented in this report—and deter future violations—is to ensure that soldiers and police who commit abuses are brought to justice.

Area of implementation Art. Indemnity for Acts done in Good Faith. We conducted more than interviews with a wide array of government officials, security forces, victims, witnesses, human rights defenders, and others. These included attorneys general, prosecutors, judges, public defenders, law enforcement chiefs, police officers, legislators, national and state human rights officials, victims and their relatives, civil society groups, human rights defenders, scholars, and journalists, among others.

In particular, Human Rights Watch found that the commissions continue to abandon their work on cases when prosecutors open investigations into violations—a practice documented in a previous report by this organization—rather than monitoring the handling of inquiries to ensure that prompt, thorough investigations are undertaken. The doctor wrote on June Later when the CNDH conducted its examination in accordance with the Istanbul Protocol, it concluded that he had in fact been tortured.

Part I deals with existing citizenship and citizenship by birth. Decision of return Art. Because their blindfolds were not removed, they were unable to identify where they were being held.

National Center for Historical Memory

According to testimony Arzate gave before a judge, as well as the account of events he provides in an page handwritten letter, he left work and was walking to a store near his home on the evening of February 3,when a truck stopped near him and two plainclothes men got out, asking him if he was Carlos. Establishment of one-stop fe and other similar provisions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This practice is particularly dedreto among the military. And the responses that were ee provided—if they were provided at all—were almost always incomplete, or did not correspond to the information solicited. Transitional provision Article Determination of the volumes of admission of third-country nationals entering for the purposes of highly qualified employment Article 6 of the DirectiveArticle Then, she said officers removed her pants and underwear and threatened to gang rape her.