Find out more on Dell Latitude D specifications on PC World. Specifications. Dell D Processor The Dell Latitude D is optimized for hard business work Dell Latitude D Image. Compared to its predecessor, the Dell Latitude D looks like it’s been on Weight Watchers–and we love the results. This corporate system weighs a.

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The keyboard specss passable, you might only get used to the track point first. Dell Latitude D lid view large image. The display surface can be either a reflecting Ultra Sharp solution, or alternatively matt.

Review Dell Latitude D Notebook – Reviews

Also the stability to the vantage point is alright. The x pixels WXGA display has a moderate brightness, but a good illumination.

Visit our network of sites: So, the Dell Latitude D is a typical office notebook with strengths regarding emissions and battery runtime. Furthermore, it’s unlikely to reach dekl noise level during standard office operation.

Operating System, Pre-installed Software, and Management Suite I was pleasantly surprised to find the Windows XP Home install free from the bloatware that so often plagues notebooks these days. In exchange, there is a considerable price advantage. Therefore, the colors the colors seem warmer.


Review Dell Latitude 131L Notebook

The battery features a thoughtful external indicator that consists of five LEDs to slecs the approximate charge of the pack. Screen The v820 is most likely the Achilles heel of the D, if it has one.

This keeps both sides free and helps avoid cable spaghetti, which could limit the area of operation of a mouse, even if most of the ports are in use. Considering it is an office notebook, hardly anything is left to be desired. Because of the relatively high black value of 1. The machine takes Not until steady load the fan starts to run quicker, still the notebook’s noise is rather decent with a maximum of In our case, the Latitude D met our expectations in some degree.

Below the space bar reside the separate mouse buttons for the pointing nub, a nice touch. Setting the screen to white, there is definitely some uneven backlighting.

Review Dell Latitude D820 Notebook

Customer Support I have not yet had to deal with customer support and I hope I never have to. The advantages of the D compared to its predecessor, the D, can be found in this review.

Noise is an important aspect for office notebooks. Between them there is a fingerprint reader. At the bottom side we measured a maximum surface temperature of The size of the keys is alright. You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news.


Please share our article, every link counts! We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. While I agree that it would be a great tool for a business, the D could also be an excellent notebook for a student looking for performance, ease of use and occasional gaming.

On the right side, the D sports two stacked USB 2.

The reviewed notebook was equipped with a powerful 85Wh battery which is about comparable to a mAh battery. It is reasonably sized and has little pimples for added grip.

For quiet background music the speakers are alright, but at more volume, dlel weaknesses of the speakers get apparent. Laptop Mag This Core 2 Duo notebook boasts record-breaking speed, mobile broadband, and all the security features business users demand.