| Dell™ XPS™ i. Service Manual. Model DCDR01 Page 1 Monday, January 7, PM. Get Dell XPS i PDF manuals and user guides, View all Dell XPS i manuals. Add to My Manuals Save this manual to your list of manuals. More about motherboard manual needed dell 0pp socket bignastyid Feb Dell XPS i service manual can be found at ManualLIb.

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Installing The Rear Led Board Rebuilding A Raid Configuration To disconnect a power cable with rell release latch, press the release latch on the power connector and then pull the cable up and away from the system board.

Removing A Hard Drive Before You Call Dc Power Connector P8 phy Clearing Cmos Settings Setting Up The Cyberlink cl Headphones Installing The Processor Creating A Raid Array Page 72 card fan rubber grommet 4 card fan cage card-fan orientation direction arrow air-flow direction arrow card fan power cable 2 Insert the four tabs along the bottom of the card fan cage into the corresponding slots on the chassis, then slide the card fan cage forward until it snaps into place.

Page 37 card connector seated card connector not seated del, bracket properly aligned filler bracket improperly aligned within the slot outside the slot alignment bar alignment guide NOTICE: Installing A Media Card Reader Composite Video And Standard Audio Ensure that you release the securing tab to seat the card.


Raid Level 1 Configuration Page 62 drive-release latch media card reader 7 Attach the media card reader cable to the back of the media card reader. Page 70 screw card fan cage tabs 4 6 In succession, carefully pull on each corner of the card fan to detach the rubber grommets securing the card fan to the card fan cage.

Dell XPS i | Service Manual

Page 24 Technical Overview Removing Memory 7 Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and then turn them on. Installing filler brackets over empty card-slot openings is necessary to maintain FCC certification of the computer.

Removing The Processor Heatsink Dell Diagnostics Main Menu Installing The System Board screw 10 8 Carefully, lift the system board out of the computer.

DC Power Connectors P Removing the Drive Panel Entering System Setup Set it aside in a secure and protected location. Sefvice Off Your Computer.

Page 33 release tab card retainer screw alignment guide fan cage alignment guide release tab 6 Press the securing tab if present on the system board connector as you grasp the card by its top serbice, and then ease the card out of the connector.

Drives Your computer supports: Page computer cover cover hinge tabs 2 hinge slots 5 With the help of an assistant, carefully set the computer upright. Dc Power Connectors P4-p7 hdd0-hdd3 Uninterruptible Power Supplies Got it, continue to print. Installing A Floppy Drive Page 89 9 Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and then turn them on. Fcc Class B Problems With Your Order To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network port or device and then plug it into your computer.


Installing The Processor Heatsink Installing A Media Card Reader 5 Slide the drive-release latch towards the base of the computer to release the shoulder screw, and then slide the xpd card reader out of the drive bay. The P2 and P3 connectors are intended for use with the PCI Express graphics cards whose power requirements exceed 75 watts.

Dell XPS 630i Manuals

Hold a mmanual such as a processor by its edges, not by its pins. Cds And Dvds This section pertains to dual PCI Express graphics card configurations only.

Ide And Floppy-drive Cables power cable without a release latch power connector on the system board delp drive beveled edge of the power beveled edge on the power cable connector on the system board or drive To connect a power cable without a release latch, align the beveled edge on the sedvice cable with beveled edge of the power connector on the drive or system board; Installing Pci And Pci Express Cards 11 Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and then turn them on.

Processor Do not perform the following steps unless you are familiar with hardware removal and replacement.