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It was emphasized that any system to be developed should be a flexible network based upon the voluntary cooperation of existing and future information services. Talks and interviews with scientists mainly in the field of electronics give the background of this paper. The ratio of the cost of supporting such a scientist doing research to his known output of scientific papers, could provide a moasure of his value in the research function.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Nuaber: It Is a result of the Impression left behind by the Imposing achievements of In- dustrialization and mechanization that for decades “Information” formed the basis for the solution of material problems, whereas Information about man was Initially hardly recorded and utilized.

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At this level of effort, fundamental research can be conducted melldebogen a good chance of producing visible results in a relatively short time span. We can frequently estimate the technical results of the utilization of technical innovations, their social effects almost never, because the understanding of the social repercussions of this Information km behind the deve- lopment of the Information Itself.

The priorities established mdldebogen so far been a guideline for the activities of NTNF. Adkinaon Bolf Gaxaliua G. Malwad Library k Technical Information Section Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay, Meldeobgen SYNOPSIS A survey of computers in various organisations and institutions in India is made and their present use for information handling, docu- mentation and meldeobgen procedures as well as the future plans of some of the institutions in this regard are briefly touched upon.

Moreover, both in America and Europe, we find that there are numerous centres and projects for Asia but relatively few for Africa. Yet, on the other hand, one finds individuals and organizations that have developed national and international plans and projects to gain control of large bodies of information.

These are illustrative of the evolving information systems which are becoming international in character. Alle Institutionen, in denen slv Oder angewandte Forsohung ‘ durohgefUhrt vird, sind meldepflichtigi dae betrifft z. They say that they very roughly get half their scientific information by informal channels.


There was little or no knowledge of advanced methods, i. Volume one includes papers delivered under the following broad topic categories: Documental ists arc often of the opinion that only the valuable results are published in journals or disseminated by other formal chan- nels. Thus the authors are said to know less now than before r. There was once the “myth of invincible research based on meldeboen experience melebogen nuclear weapons Diese Registriernummer muss beim Anbieten und Bewerben angegeben werden.

At present the system is based on manual methods. It is far from being unambiguous and uncontested, dv in the absence of any other measurement of the expenditure on information which can be better defined, it is more or less accepted.

Ein beabsichtigtes Anbieten und Bewerben der zweckentfremdeten Nutzung auf Internetportalen wie Airbnb oder Wimdu setzt allerdings eine Genehmigung und eine vorherige Anzeige voraus. The burden of retrieval dl no longer equally shared with the original indexer, but falls largely on the searcher. Nevertheless, there are savings to be reaped in the long run from a redistribution of labour at world-wide level, leading to an improved syBtemB economy.

Informal infor- mation can probably Include a lot of different channels, which have a small audi- ence and sometimes can be expensive to use. In general one might use the amount of Informal information in an information system as a measure of the effectivity of the formal part of the system.

In this phase the central planning conmlttee of the Council condensed and evaluated all the reports and made a summary of its dlc.

The programmes are meant dl for the configuration available at the institutions. In the field of Asian bibliography, the U. Such computer retrieved information, which gives only the titles of the arti- cles, is often insignificant and gives lots of noise.

Info 115: Die Zweckentfremdung von Wohnraum

Why the brain can perform more than its fundamental function, to ensure physical sur- vival, and why it can, in particular, accomplish tasks for which it was probably not created – all this is still largely unexplored. In recent decades, the well-known 1 flood 1 of information has often appeared to be considered by scientists as a nuisance, although it is in fact the only permanent product of research and the only long-term justification for the high public investment in this area.


The areas covered medebogen From various causes informal information channels are established, usually by scien- tists themselves.

The exchange of STI with other countries can be justified by marginal costing of the information supplied, since the prime costs are assigned to the projects supporting the research. In science and technology this matter has hitherto hardly been observed. The Working Groups have produced reports which have all been received as background material for the final report.

Meldeogen Plan geht dahln, in den ereten Betriebe-Bienniun The closed Information exchange group can develop Into a scientific asso- ciation, the small bulletin can grow to a large journal and the Informal symposium can change to a periodical congress. The ground of the discontent can be too long publishing time for articles or reports, bad selectivity, bad quality and too much noise In the formal channels. The formal information disseminated from libraries and documentation centres.

dlv meldebogen download ·

Development in UNESCO of a computerized system for oolleoting, proces- sing and disseminating information on researoh projects and researoh reports in the information soienoee. Das muss kein Widerspruch sein. Governments are also enoouraged to interlink information ser- vices in acienoe and technology in national networks and to provide adequate equipment and manpower for a speedy processing of scien- tific information. It would appear that, parallel with the growth in number of active functional elements and their interconnections, the capacity of the brain to accomplish more than was originally assigned to it is raised to a higher power.

Even in such a new field as information science some countries seek to learn from our experience and here – as in other disciplines – the two way flow of information has the full encouragement of Government. Networks Of a great interest would be to make a sociological study of the motives of scien- tists to publish their results. Baeic facilitiee for punching, verifying and eovting punched carde are available at the Centre and the IBM computer facility at the Delhi School of Economica it hired for proceeeing the data.