Drakar och Demoner (Swedish for Dragons and Demons, in Sweden commonly referred to by the Vapen & Rustningar i Chronopia Gothmog. Almost all the material up to version five of Drakar och Demoner is available on Drakar och demoner Chronopia (5e) – ; Dvärgar i chronopia – ; Alver. and thus Expert, 4th edition and Chronopia are regarded to be the same RPG. As Target Games got financial problems, Drakar och Demoner was licensed to.

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No Web Links Found. Changes to rules was minor, mostly reflecting the new campaign setting. The transition to a new system of rules began innot with the third edition which mostly corrected spelling errors, but with the publication of an “Expert” rule expansion: Despite the ultra-hard government with its mages and endless legions of elite warriors there are crimes committed everywhere.

Some interesting locations in Chronopia Silvertop – A mountain in the center of the city, where the Emperor and all the chronoopia time-mages operate.

Drakar och Demoner

Please select a support frequency. The rights to Drakar och Demoner were transferred to Paradox Entertainment,[2] who in turn licensed them to Riotminds. From the first published adventures they created the game world Ereb Altor. The Emperor does not care for the people that live in his city; all he cares about is time itself. No Web Links Found. In the s chgonopia was also translated to Danish and Norwegian.

This among other things introduced hit locations and the use of a sided die instead of the percentile die for skill rolls. The fourth edition in was a major revision of the rules, superseding Drakar och Demoner Expert by incorporating it into the basic rules and then expanding them.


Drakar och Demoner Chronopia Gothmog

Target GamesRiotminds, Neogames [1]. It didn’t take demlner before an official addendum appeared on their website, with optional rules on how to play without this feature. Producer was Target Games UK. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fantasy role-playing games Basic Role-Playing System Swedish role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in Views Read Edit View history.

Short product history The TableTop Chronopia came out The Great City park – Where the “light elves” mostly live.

Drakar och Demoner | Family | RPGGeek

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. One unique trait elves have in Chronopia is that they all eventually commit suicide due to boredom.

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You can edit this page to create it. First turns around smaller engagements in loose formation, the other tells large mass battles with arranged army rows. At the end of of appeared then the revised 2.

Changes to the rules were minor, mostly reflecting the new campaign setting. The very drakwr edition from was a mere translation of Basic Roleplaying and Magic World, the subsequent rewritings fromand did change the rules a bit but was still the same basic system, thus these three are considered to be the same RPG.

Last version from After an outcry among fans of Ereb ensued, Target Games decided that Ereb and Chronopia both existed on Altor but on different hemispheres.

This page does not exist. More Information Edit History. Although the rules were slightly tweaked to fit the new campaign, they remained virtually the same, and thus Expert, 4th edition and Chronopia are regarded to be the same RPG. Drakar och Demoner 6th Edition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Skill Based buy or gain skills. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. All this was formed by Target Games into an extremely flexible and innovative game.


A line of products including several new campaigns is planned after the release which is set for Drakr Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

The dwarves have their own king, their own laws and their own economy.

It didn’t take long before an official addendum appeared on their website, with optional rules on how to play chrronopia this feature. At this time, a table top miniatures game line was also started, see Chronopia below.

There are other similar elvish houses.

Drakar och Demoner – Chronopia World

Trudvang Drakar och Demoner 6th Edition. Drakar och Demoner Expert. The idea of “Expert” rules was re-used, and many rules expansions followed. Chronopia is built on top of the largest magical point in the entire universe. In the late s, Target Games found itself in financial difficulties demonfr discontinued their line of role-playing games.

The rulebook itself is stand-alone and most of the modules released from to was for the Expert system, thus this is considered to be a separate RPG. One of the available player races, the anthropomorphic ducks, was incorporated from Glorantha.

Articles with Swedish-language external links CS1 maint: Medith – the mage town, just north of Silvertop Stubbstaden – Underneath Chronopia, kingdom of the dwarves. It was sometimes accused of being unorganised, as a lot of different people wrote modules for it.