de la Preparatoria Rubén Jaramillo Celia Monárrez García, Patricia Zapata José Ríos Conrado Alfonso Dìaz Acosta, Carlos Valdez Miranda Profesores de Fuente de voltaje descarga, debido a la acción del flujo de elecRayos trones. en los que necesariamente hay distintos tipos de átomos enlazados entre sí. Title, ¿Es El Plagio Una Conducta Reprimida Por El Derecho Penal? Author, García, Rengifo. Author, Ernesto. Abstract, The message of the Criminal Chamber. Nació en San Carlos, , en la Región de Chillán, al sur Concurso Nacional de Villancicos”, “Premio de Poesía Ciudad de Miranda”, Finalista en el Poema de Maribel Da Silva Rodríguez dedicado a Rosalina García al morir, mil doscientos poemas, prolijamente manuscritos y enlazados.

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This information will be accessible to the Administration and to the Companies and can be taking into account in planning and decision making of technology policies. CIEMAT has the responsibility on the realisation of the sector studies to get in three years to a future vision on critical technology topics. The OPTI integrated strategic plan undertake the analysis of other seven technology sectors, with the same criteria and methodological aspects.

Delphi method was used for the realization of the studies using a survey conducted in two rounds with a questionnaire to check the experts opinion. The timeframe of the studies was defined from to The main goal behind this study is to identify spanish position and existing barriers technological development together with recommended measures to be taken in order to facilitate their future performance.

This basic information can be used by different S AND T actors as input to develop technology and innovation policies. Almacenamiento de gas natural.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

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Full Text Available The largest reserves of natural gas worldwide are found in regions far of main cities, being necessary different alternatives to transport the fluid to the consumption cities, such as pipelines, CNG or ships, LNG, depending on distances between producing regions and demanding regions and the producing volumes. The residential and commercial is highly seasonal and power generation sector is quite variable depending on increases of enlzados during summer time.

There are also external issuesthat affect the normal gas flow such as fails on the national system or unexpected interruptions on it, what imply that companies which distribute natural gas should design plans that allow supplying the enlazaods above mentioned. One plan is using underground natural gas storage with capacities and deliverability rates enough to supply demands. In Colombia there are no laws in this sense but it could be an exploration to discuss different ways to store gas either way as underground natural gas storage or above superficies.

Existing basically three different types of underground natural gas storage; depleted reservoirs, salt caverns and aquifers. All ofthem are adequate according to geological characteristics and the needs of the distributors enlxzados of natural gas.

This paper is anexploration of technical and economical characteristics of different kind of storages used to store natural gas worldwide. Effect of the technology in transmission, distribution and in the final uses; Efecto de la tecnologia en transmision, distribucion y en los usos finales. At the moment one looks for the application of the superconductivity in the generation, transformation, transmission and storage of electrical energy. In this article rescargar technologies are briefly describedtheir advantages and their effects on the transmission and distribution networks.

In some cases specific reference is made of the effect that they will have in Mexico. En este articulo se describen brevemente tecnologias recientes, sus ventajas y sus efectos sobre las redes de transmision y distribucion. En algunos casos se hace referencia especifica al mirznda que tendran en Mexico. Casos de Estudio de Distribuciones de Probabilidad para Turismo. Se afronta el estudio de distribuciones de probabilidad, tanto de variables aleatorias discretas como continuas. Carloos de las distribuciones beta y Dirichlet de matrices complejas.

Methodology for energy diagnosis in distribution steam lines; Metodologia para diagnostico de energia en lineas de distribucion de vapor. This paper shows a methodology that results of great advantage in the development of the energy analysis of an industrial facility that utilizes steam as a mean of energy transport and where the steam operated equipment is physically located in a remote place, away from the generation site. Mention is made here of the equipment characteristics that can be used for such purpose, the most important parameters harcia identify in a rapid and efficient way the faults presented in the steam distribution system in the miranva plants and enlazxdos formats that contribute to keep the corresponding records for efficiently maintain in operation the steam pipeline net in conjunction with the involved accessories.

Aqui se mencionan las caracteristicas del equipo que se puede utilizar para dicho diagnostico, los parametros de mayor importancia para identificar en forma rapida y eficiente las fallas que se presentan en el sistema de distribucion de vapor en las plantas industriales y los formatos que contribuyen a llevar los registros correspondientes para mantener operando eficientemente la red de vapor, enlaados conjunto con los accesorios que en descwrgar se involucran.


Memorias organizacionales en la era del almacenamiento en la nube. Se concluye que el almacenamiento de los datos en la era digital se lleva a cabo de forma concentrada y distribuida.

enlazados carlos garcia miranda descargar pdf – PDF Files

Numerical model to simulate the isotopic and heat release and transport through the geosphere from a geological repository of radioactive wastes; Un modelo numerico para la simulacion de transporte de calor y liberacion de materia en un almacenamiento profundo de residuos radiactivos.

The aim of this research is to simulate the isotopic and heat release and transport through the geosphere, from a geological repository of high level nuclear waste. Some of these phenomena are related among the, which allows to build a coupled model,which is the starting point to generate a FORTRAN code.

The flow and transport models are developed in two spatial dimensions and are integrated in space by means of a finite volume method. Moreover, the advection-diffusion equation is solved by two finite volume techniques. In the first one a linear interpolation is used whereas in the second it is used a quadratic one.

Also, a consistency an stability study of both methods is carried out in order to compare their stability zones and the errors appearing.

Stability is analysed by applying the von Neumann method, which is based upon Fourier series. Although it is a classical technique when dealing with finite-difference schemes, it is here applied to two finite volume schemes.

Estabilidad de papas crisps sometidas a diferentes condiciones de almacenamiento. The samples were obtained from a leader industry of the chilean market. The potatoes were evaluated until the panel detected significant difference 0. Chemical evaluation was performed on the oil extracted from the potatoes. Sensory evaluation showed significant differences 0. Thermic deterioration was the most important during frying while only oxidation increased during storage. A relationship between sensory and chemical deterioration was established.

El deterioro predominante fue de tipo t. The present article, by considering the distributional summations of Euler-Maclaurin and a suitable choice of the distribution, results in representations for the Fourier coeffi Un metodo para documentar distribucion y seguir poblaciones. Los Atlas de Aves son proyectos nacionales o regionalies para trazar en mapas la distribucion en reproduccion de cada especie de ave.

El trabajo de campo de cada proyecto exige aproxlmadamente cinco a? Es posible almacenar los resultados en un computador personal.

enlazados carlos garcia miranda descargar pdf

I se presenta la distribucion corriente de las aves de la nacion, del estado, o de la Iocalidad; 2 se desarrolla nueva informacion especialmente sobre especies raras o en peligro; 3 se descubren areas que tienen una avlfauna sobresaliente o habitats raros y ayuda a su proteccion, 4 se documentan cambios de dlstribucion; 5 se pueden usar para documentar cambios de poblacion, especialmente en los tropicos donde otros metodos son mas dificiles de usar porque hay muchas especies y no hay muchos observadores calificados en la identificacion de sonidos de las aves; 6 son proyectos buenos de investigacion para estudiantes graduados; 7 los turistas y los jefes de excursiones de historia natural pueden contribuir con muchas informaciones.

The objective of the EDS simulator is to integrate engineering distribution functions power flow, short circuit, optimal reconfiguration and reliability, among others and an expert system Case-based Reasoning to aid the process of information analysis, decision-making and the capacity-building of the CFE’s Regional and Zonal Distribution Control Centers. The EDS simulator has been installed, updated and is operational in the Tampico Zone and the Gulf Division Distribution Center, as an established product that continually evolves along with the actual operating dynamics.

El objetivo del simulador del SED es integrar funciones de ingenieria de distribucion flujo de potencia, corto circuito, reconfiguracion optima, confiabilidad, entre otras y un sistema experto Razonamiento Basado en Casos para apoyar el proceso de analisis de informacion, la toma de decisiones y la capacitacion en los Centros de Control de Distribucion Zonales y Regionales de CFE.

El Simulador del SED se encuentra instalado, actualizado y en operacion en la Zona Tampico y en la Division de Distribucion Golfo Centro como un producto consolidado y en constante evolucion a la par de la dinamica operativa real. Production and characterization of nickel nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes by electroless and its application to hydrogen storage; Produccion y caracterizacion de nanoparticulas de niquel sobre nanotubos de carbono por electroless y su aplicacion en el almacenamiento de hidrogeno.

The search for an appropriate storage system for the transportation industry to enable implementing the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier has become a strategic research concern. Carbon nanotubes CNT are potentially interesting materials for the storage of hydrogen. This work investigates the deposition condition for dispersing nickel nanoparticles in one single step using the electroless technique on the surface of carbon nanotubes.

It also studied the influence on the ability to store hydrogen. The materials were characterized using sweep electron and transmission microscopy. The surface areas of the materials were determined with nitrogen adsorption isotherms.

The hydrogen storage capacity was studied at a temperature of 77 K and atmospheric pressure, as well as at K and pressures of de 0. The results show that highly dispersed spherical nickel nanoparticles were obtained on carbon nanotubes with an average size of nm. The addition of nickel on carbon nanotubes significantly improves the hydrogen storage capacity, finding that at K and 5 MPa the increment factor was as much as twice that of nanotubes without nickel.


Los nanotubos de carbono NTC son materiales potencialmente mirajda en el almacenamiento de hidrogeno. En este trabajo se investigaron las condiciones de deposito para dispersar en un solo paso nanoparticulas de niquel por la tecnica de electroless sobre la superficie de los nanotubos de carbono y garica estudio su influencia en la capacidad de almacenamiento de hidrogeno.

Los materiales se caracterizaron por microscopia electronica de barrido y transmision. Mediante isotermas de adsorcion de nitrogeno se determino el area superficial de los materiales. La capacidad de almacenamiento de hidrogeno se.

Comportamiento del fruto de uchuva Physalis peruviana L. Existen diferencias significativas entre tratamientos y el contenido de humedad bajo 9.

Magma – Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh () – La voz de los vientos

Los resultados de vigor evaluados con el Indice de Czabator. Distribution transformer sescargar automatic voltage adjustment – miraanda Transformador de distribucion con ajuste automatico de tension – desempeno. Hernandez Ruiz, Gustavo A. In the electric power distribution systems, the power quality is strongly linked with the service stability voltage. In the radial kind systems, it is virtually impossible to achieve a flat voltage along the lines, so it is desirable to count with transformers that can adjust automatically the turns ratio.

En sistemas de tipo radial, es virtualmente imposible mantener uniforme la tension a lo largo de las lineas, por lo que se hace deseable contar con transformadores que puedan ajustar automaticamente la relacion de transformacion.

In this document are described the distribution systems that have been utilized in Mexico, to satisfy the electric energy demand. Mention is made of the areas of influence these systems have, its structure, the electric infrastructure farcia Luz y Fuerza del Centro has to satisfy the descatgar and in this way be in position of planning the distribution networks.

As in other activities the aspects related to the protection of the environment exert a growing influence on the development of the energy sector, for this reason three themes are mentioned to which special attention must be paid. A table is shown with the per capita consumption, another one with the number of transformers and its capacity. Also the underground networks in operation and under construction are shown and a flow diagram of the distribution system planning [Espanol] En este documento se describen los sistemas de distribucion que se han realizado en Mexico, para satisfacer la demanda electrica, se mencionan las areas de influencia que tienen estos sistemas, su estructuracion, la infraestructura electrica con la que cuenta Luz y Fuerza del Centro para satisfacer las demandas y asi poder planear las redes de distribucion.

Como en otras actividades, los aspectos relacionados con el cuidado del ambiente ejercen una influencia creciente sobre el desenvolvimiento del sector de energia, es por eso que se mencionan tres temas a los que se les debe de poner especial atencion. Se muestra una tabla de consumo per capita, otra del numero de transformadores y su capacidad. Tambien se ilustran las redes subterraneas en operacion y construccion y un flujograma de planeacion del sistema de distribucion. Computerized procedure for protection coordination in distribution primary circuits; Procedimiento computarizado para coordinacion de protecciones en circuitos primarios de distribucion.

Nowadays, the method employed to study the protection coordination are based in the hand outlining of curves time- current and in the visual comparison in log sheets. Due to the large amount of distribution circuits, the engineer makes a considerable effort to perform this type of studies, which besides are routinist and time consuming.

In this article a program for the computer aided design for the protection coordination in primary distribution circuits is presented. Such a program -carried out in the Transmission and Distribution Department of the Power Systems Division of the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas IIE – substitutes in an efficient manner, the manual procedures that are performed in the protection coordination studies.

The coordination principles, suggested by the equipment manufacturers, were respected, trying, at the same time, to keep the procedures of the Comision Federal de Electricidad personnel CFE emerged from the field experience. The algorithm basically consists of an iterative process in the selection of the adjustments taking as a reference the of three-phase short- circuit and of phase to ground, values, as well as the operating times.

Debido a la gran cantidad de circuitos de distribucionel ingeniero hace un esfuerzo considerable para realizar este tipo de estudios, los que ademas, son rutinarios y tardados. En este articulo, se presenta un programa para el diseno asistido por computadora del proceso de coordinacion de protecciones en circuitos primarios de distribucion.