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OUTPUT Control,Alarm or Logic Output. Universal Process Input. 0 to 50 mV Z. 0 to 20 mA Z. 0 to 10 V Z. Pt CAT II. Y c. ESM MODULE – 2. NC. is done with it ‘s selectable ON-OFF, P, PI, PD, PID,. AutoTune and Self Tune PID properties. ESM, ESM ESM, ESM ESM eng esm 02 v04 07_14_ Home; eng esm 02 v04 07_14_ Anterior. eng esm 02 v04 07_14_

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For soak operation ; process value is constant in step set value that are defined in these parameters for time that are defined in soak time parameters. Cold junction compensation is active. This parameter determines which value is shown in top display. It can be adjusted from to seconds. The difference, between high point and low point of the process input type.

Po04 Po03 If process value is less than minimum value of operating scale for analogue input module in Module-2 socket or greater than maximum value of operating scale for analogue input module in Module-2 socket, process output becomes active. Motorized 44950 runs with cooling PID function. Sensor connection is wrong or there is no sensor connection. It determines logic output function of Output Defines maximum value for selectable dual point calibration.


If this parameter 0. Deviation range alarm Heater failure alarm. Esj the condition is not true, integral value is not calculated and last calculated integral value is used. Even if this parameter is 0, this parameter is accepted 50 msecs for security. When tune operation finishes, it can be changed by the device.

Alarm- 3 490 value. It means alarm latching output is selected. Maximum 10 Ohm Sensor Break Protection: If it is no password protection while entering to the technician Parameters. If heating and cooling PID control functions operate together, this parameter is not considered. It is your responsibility if this equipment is used in a manner not specified in this instruction manual.

The unit is normally supplied without a power switch or a fuse. Value between 5 and seconds can be entered. This value is added to the process value. Do not clean the case with hydrocarbon-based solvents Petrol, Trichlorethylene etc. Use a cloth dampened in ethyl alcohol or water to clean the external plastic case.

Cut power to the device before accessing internal parts.

EMKO Esm Instruction Manual (Page 97 of )

During the equipment is putted in hole on the metal panel while mechanical installation some metal burrs can cause injury on hands, you must be careful. Never attempt to disassemble, modify or repair this unit. It turns to operation screen without accessing to parameters. Process Inputs Universal Input: Essm turns 1- If user does not enter to operation screen without accessing to parameters.: This warranty is provided for a period of two years.


General Parameters Minimum value for process set and alarm set values Maximum value for process set and alarm set values 2. Display adjustment low point value is fixed todisplay adjustment high 49500 value is fixed to Alarm off delay time 0, Seconds When the value is thanis seen on the display. Keep the power off until all of the wiring is completed so that electric shock and trouble with the unit can be prevented.

Emko Elektronik

Device does not allow to do any changes without entering the password correctly. It determines operation form of hysteresis.

This parameter is visible if one of the analogue input modules is plugged in Module-1 or Module-2 socket Measurement input selection for Output-3 alarm output. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Universal technological PID-controllers of the series ESM-xx50, xx30, xx00

Sensor Set Point Low Limit. Even as a result of the cooling PID calculation device calculates the output value less than this parameter, cooling output is active minimumor OLLC parameter.

If the mounting clamps are on the unit, put out them before inserting the unit to the panel.