The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Gegenwart, a book which was published in German in two parts around and The central . Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin “Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany”, Aaron. Our purpose here is to become acquainted with Jean Gebser’s seminal work, The Ever- Present Origin [1]. To this end, it would be helpful at the onset to gain a.

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My whole mentality changed, and I saw through barriers that were impenetrable to me before. Refresh and try again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Gebser, dualistically opposed and “static” categories of Being gave way to transparency. He was also a published poet. It treads new paths, opens new vistas, and in so doing it is vastly, solidly, and subtly documented by a wealth of anthropological, mythological, linguistic, artistic, philosophical, and scientific material which is fruitfully brought into play and shown in its multifold and striking interrelationships.

Rather than allowing only one rational structure to be valid, all structures are recognized, presented, one through the other. A “value-free” ontology like materialism leads of necessity to living “without value”. But Gebser says that it is a task that we cannot choose to ignore without losing ourselves.

Jean Gebser – Wikipedia

The title choice available that was correct lacked this image, which is correct for the full text. It means that “objectivity” gets applied to “engineering humanity” whether it is in the behavioral sciences or the physical sciences.


Eliot temporal thinking thought three-dimensional time-freedom timelessness tion transparent unconscious unity validity visible vital whole word Zurich. I can’t say it is because I agree with him on everything. I’m going to look again.

Jean Gebser

Furthermore, he knew that thought was never simply a mental exercise restricted to one’s writing. Katherine rated it it was amazing Sep 03, What integral awareness notices is that though we may utilize categorical thinking for various purposes, we also have the realization that time is an eber whole. The term “archaic” as used here is derived from the Greek arce, meaning inception, or origin. These categories were said to be wholly distinct one from the other. Richard Corral hebser it really liked it Jul 16, As Gebser understands the term, “conscious is neither knowledge nor conscience but must be understood for the time being in the broadest sense as wakeful presence.

To realize the various gebsed within one’s language and habits, and even within one’s own life and self is a difficult task.

Richard Tarnas and Ken Wilber, and then return to this. Ever Present Origin is never far from my reach Gebser saw traces of the emergence which he called “efficiency” and collapse “deficiency” of various structures of consciousness throughout history.

The aperspective integral epoch is not an ontology, a theory of being or existence of the mental structure, but etiology anatomy, diagnosis.


Lists with This Book. Nov 30, Joel rated it it was ok. Foundations pressent the Aperspectival World: The Ever-Present OriginVolumes Common terms and phrases able achieved anxiety aperspectival world archaic aspect attempt attitude awakening awareness basic become Berlin C.

If we discuss morality, we can refer to amoral, moral and immoral. Scudder Limited preview – This book is arguably the single most significant book on the planet, putting Flatland archaic “scripturalisms” to shame.

James Culbertson rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Gebser symbolizes it with the “triangle”, which illustrates a “trinity” of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis: In his Self and Society: Gebser introduced the notion of presentiation which means to make something present through transparency.

He sought to avoid calling this process “evolutionary”, since any such notion was illusory when applied to the “unfolding of consciousness. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

He died in Berne on May 14, The rational structure of awareness seeks to deny the other structures with its claim that humans are exclusively rational.

Gebser details five structures of consciousness: Extreme materialism claims that “everything is nothing but matter — atoms “.