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Interlead flash or protusion shall not exceed 0. Terminal numbers are shown for reference only. Typical voltage levels are shown in the diagram below: Internal diode clamps and bias circuitry may be used if AC-coupled inputs are required see Applications section for details.

In addition, the input will be slightly offset to optimize the output driver performance. AC-Coupling Caps are Optional. DAC outputs can also drive these same signals without the AC coupling capacitor. F in order to obtain satisfactory operation in some applications.


If the input signal does not go fairchilc ground, the input clamp will not operate. DC-coupled inputs, AC-coupled outputs 0V – 1.

Care must be taken not to exceed the maximum die junction temperature. Dimension “E1” does not include interlead flash or protusion. Dimensions “D” and “E1” to be determined at datum plane — H —.

Circuite integrate

Typical application diagram FMS Rev. Dambar connot be located on the lower radius of the foot. The internal pull-down resistance fms70000 k? Frequency 0. A conceptual illustration of the input clamp circuit is shown below: Dimensions “D” does not include mold flash, protusions or gate burrs. The input level set by the clamp combined with the internal DC offset will keep the output within its acceptable range.

DC-coupled inputs and outputs 0. AC-coupled inputs and outputs External video source must 7. DC-coupling the outputs removes the need for output coupling capacitors.

Price 3 RON – 5 RON – ElectronicService-SHOP – Page 23

Mold flash protusions or gate burrs shall not exceed 0. Datums — A — and — B — to be determined fairchuld datum plane — H —. Dimension “b” does not include dambar protusion. F, all outputs AC coupled with ? Minimum space between protusion and adjacent lead is 0. The worstcase sync tip compression due to the clamp will not exceed 7mV.


The offset is held to the minimum required value to decrease the standing DC current into the load. For optimum results, follow the steps below as a basis for high frequency layout: When the input is AC-coupled, the diode clamp will set the sync fairchiod or lowest voltage just below ground.

Frequency Response 10 5 0 -5 2 1 Figure 2. Following this layout con? The FMS is speci?