THE ROMULAN WAY: Game Operations Manual United Federation of Planets Star Trek The Role Playing Game by Guy W. David F.; McLimore Tepool, Jr.;. Star Trek – The Roleplaying Game Box , , KB. file, The Klingons Boxed , , KB. file. This category is specifically for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game which was published by the FASA Corporation from to

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Boks crisp box set which I believe to be complete it even still had the original d20 contained: The Captain determined the strategy, the Engineer was responsible for power management and allocation to different systems such as weapons and shields, the Helmsman for firing weapons, the Navigator for managing deflector shields, the Communications Officer for damage control and so on.

Book of Common Knowledge by Peter R. I may have something useful for you too … Sincerely, John Massie.

However, the Alerians believe it is their destiny to remain on their world.

FASA Star Trek RPG Resources | Frylock’s Gaming & Geekery

Like most role-playing games of its era, players had to roll dice to determine the beginning attributes of their character. The Federation covers the entire staar of the Federation, Articles of Federation, current Federation interstellar relations, the governmental and bureaucratic structure of the Federation, as well as providing information on individuals who have made their mark – for good or ill on Federation history and statistics on fass major civilizations and over planets within Federation space, and much, much more.

This adventure module also includes a separate book describing the Romulan War, fought between the Fwsa Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. The Wrath of Khan”. This set is no different. The Role Playing Game, with all the necessary background material. The Trke Generation was growing increasingly popular and Paramount wished to exert greater control over its property and derivative works.


Warp Speeds, Weaponry, and all game information. Just make sure if she ever does sit down and play, you show her how happy it makes you! Also, the game takes most of its fictional history between the present day and the 23rd century from the Star Trek Spaceflight Chronologywhose contents are almost totally contradicted by later canonical materials especially the film Star Trek: Included are playing pieces, 76 Event cards, a modular map that allows you to create over 10, different bopks as playing fields, 3 dice and the rulebook.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Demand of Honor by J. Having kept the planet in isolation for 15 years, the Organians have decided that now is the time for the colonists to decide whether they will become Klingon, Federation, or independent. They typically held senior posts on a starship bridge, and visited alien planets tfek part of landing parties.

The third major section provides information on the profession sfar, and how characters can make money or lose their shirt plying the trade lanes of the UFP and beyond.

The usual course of action is to put one faction of the native population into absolute power. The Role Playing Game provides hundreds of interesting facts about the Romulans, their personality, their history, and their religion.

First Year Sourcebook by Blaine Pardo. R;g of tutorials, advice, and downloads for new DM’s. Voyager and Enterpriseseveral subsequent theatrical films and a library of novelisations – FASA’s interpretation of Star Trek has not been forgotten by a significant number of die-hard fans.

This leads to a belief that the proper role of species not part of a komerex is to serve those that are, and the Klingons have subjugated many of these servitor species kuve in their conquests.

A hotbed of deceit, destruction, and death. More faea a supplement, this set provides not only a complete creation system for Klingon player characters, but complete technological, cultural and physiological background of Klingons and their society. Enterprise crew, and includes complete maps and floor plans for the Janus VI pergium processing facility, which can also be used in later adventures.


At our peak I had made a 4ftX8ft game table. The life is hard, but the potential rewards are limitless. Are you suggesting I add ships from other species? Game Operations Manual Star Trek: Planets and populations are only pluses and minuses on the ledger sheet of BioResearch in “The Corporate Grasp.

For example, assuming no modifiers, if a player had a skill of 45 and rolled 33, the character was assumed to have been successful in that action.

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. The players’ book, the Agent’s Orientation Sourcebook, contains the history and organization of Star Fleet Intelligence Command, operating procedures for field agents, and gadgets from the deluxe security system briefcase to anti-laser aerosol.

Sections on the UFP and Star Fleet Command, complete with photographs and illustrations, give the latest information on uniforms, insignia, equipment, sidearms, and shipboard systems. The Next Generation and subsequent TV series, as well as the later movies, have a culture and traditions based more on a cross between the vikings and Japanese Samurai or, rather, Western imaginations of themfocused on personal and familial honor and placing value on sacrificing their lives for the causes they serve.

Star Trek FASA

FASA’s game introduced the notion of “reference stardates” based on Gregorian dates, similar to a standard fan practice for constructing stardates.

Most campaigns with civilian or non-Star Fleet characters were based entirely or in epg within the Triangle. It also includes short articles written by Commander Spock and others about the Yrek, as well as a short dictionary of common Romulan words. Written by science fiction writer John M. Enterprise with this complete set of deck and exterior plans for television’s famous starship.